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Old vs New 2016

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Hello! Older members get in your hearing aides because I got a speech for ya! Youngins, sit down and have some respect for your elders, they'll whoop ya if you don't sit still. For those of you who do not know, or have not experienced the world famous, Old vs New event, this is an event that happens every year that pits the oldest living  active members against the new bloods, the rookies, the freshmeat, the babys, the kids, the tr8r's. Some hips will be broken, some egos will be shattered in all out combat between the two sides of the forum.


"all fun and games"

"No trash talk"

"No assaulting the elderly"


Umm where was I... tend to forget things in my old age.. err... OH! yes the event.


Come join us February the 27th at 3PM EST for fun, blood and games on Halo 5




Sorry for the short notice guys and gals, I got lost on my way from the bedroom to my computer and forgot what I was supposed to be doing so I went back to my bed and watched some of my war documentaries from the good old days.


Sign up below! The event will be recorded and posted on Youtube thanks to our wonderful Boss so make sure you are here! 


Cut off for Old is December 31st 2014 although arrangements will be made to accommodate even teams.


Newbies: Be sure to show up! This is usually the most exciting, fun, and upbeat event of the year! 

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Alrighty, goodie. I can now place the modes we will be playing:


CTF on Colossal

Slayer on Skyline

Slayer on Landrise

Slayer on Cold Storage

CTF on Halvalla

Slayer on Epitaph

CTF on Longshore

CTF on Blood Gulch

CTF on Ice Fields

SWAT on Countdown

Snipers on Boardwalk

Shotty Snipers on Uncaged

CTF on Waterworx

Slayer on Sword Base

Strongholds on Station 7

Slayer on Battle Creek

CTF on Rats Nest

Snipers on High Ground

Slayer on Sandtrap

Shotty Snipers on Blackout

Nadewarfare on Chiron TL 34

SWAT on Rememberance

CTF on Hiemal

Strongholds on Guillotine

CTF on Confinement

Strongholds on Virgo

Strongholds on Outskirts

Slayer on Dust (Only map to not be a remake!)

CTF on Icelands

Slayer on Reaper's Hollow

Nadewarfare on Primordial's Vault

Nadewarfare on Expansion




Much more will be present, and just a reminder this is NOT in any particular order!


Other stuff:


Twitch Streaming


Watch GSD get duct taped to the wall (Not really, that's animal abuse everywhere but Vietnam)

Mystery Gift (I think someone said something about a $5 Gift Card handed out to a random player through RNG)

Supercombine of fun!


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I'll try to play... depends on soccer since dad is out of town and I'll be helping out with my younger siblings.

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I might pop in if I can turn in my classwork in time. Also, 2014 counts as old now :P? Oh ye of unbridled youth.

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