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UNSC Warlord Book 4 Prologue...

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UNSC Warlord Book 4: Ultimate Remnant






“Alex, what’s the sitrep? Fireteam Silver Viper is in position, ready to provide overhead fire support.” Archangel laid underneath a few broken shards of what laid left of the Long Night of Solace.


“Copy that, Fireteam Rattle is moving towards the coordinates now. So far no sign of any contact of any sort. However, be prepared to engage. Take your fireteam and lay read for an ambush if needed.” Alex motioned towards Doc and Sarge, who stood in a 8-4 position, to move forwards with him as they approached, the target was approximately 200 meters away.


“Roger that, Fireteam Ice Strikers will be set in position. Over and out.” Archangel motioned at Destroyer and Dexter to get into position. Not that they had to go far, but they still had to lay low and keep a lookout. They knew better to not screw up when Ash wasn’t on sniper duty.


“Approaching position. Silver Viper, how are we doing?” Alex halted in the desolated wasteland. A wind picked up, not much else.


“Nothing so far, tracker is offline.” Ash said, and that’s all she would say.


“Roger that, we’ll keep moving forward.” Alex said, he motioned for Doc and Sarge to continue up to the sand dune.


The ground started to shake, almost as if an earthquake was about to happen. “Ash, what’s going on, is it Covenant?” Alex stood his ground.


“Sir?” Doc asked, he had trouble holding his balance. Sarge already fell over and struggled to stand up. “Shouldn’t we move?”


“No, let’s wait to see what happens.” Alex stated. “Reach had quite a lot of these tremors, particulary in this area.” Alex put away his weapon.


“Sir.” Ash said over the communications, but was cut off.


A tall, large, metallic object arose from undeneath the ground. As it arose, wings expanded and it released an ear piercing sound.


The Fireteams stood there in shock. Not knowing what to do. Could it be Covenant? Or is this related to those Prometheans that they’ve been warned about?


Finally, the object stood stationary. Right above Alex.


He watched as something, that looked like an egg of some sort but also more like a metal pod, opened up and a creature jumped out of it.


As it landed on the ground, it shattered to a thousand pieces, but they instantly brought themseles back together.


“Holy crap.” Sarge said. “This thing must be like 17 feet tall.”


The creature stepped forward, definitely a Promethean of some sort... Maybe a knight? Most likely a Knight Commander for sure. Alex wasn’t going to care for this, “Fireteams. Prepare to engage!”


As the Knight approached them, more Prometheans spawned in from behind. Some of them crawled off the giant object, and down its ‘spine’, there was a ton of them.


The Knight decided to open its mouth, “For thousands of years I had laid dormant, who has disturbed my slumber?”


~End of Prologue~

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That last sentence brought a sent down my spine! 


Excellent writing as always, Fishy! Please keep 'em coming. 

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See, nothing can keep good ol Destroyer down, nothing, nothing I tell you!


PS: Great job Fishy. :)

Though I am going to offer some criticism finally. I'd like a bit more detail. The dialogue is fine but the writing isn't too descriptive.

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It's back? It's back! :D


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I'm guessing Warden is attacking. Either way this is good!

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