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Pokémon's 20th Anniversary News

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Happy 20 years to Pokemon!




Many games tend to stick around and warm our hearts throughout generations, Pokémon is one of them! In celebration of a successful 20 years, Nintendo and Gamefreak are sponsoring special promotions including a special edition New Nintendo 3DS that comes with the 2 classics, Red and Blue! (Yellow version will be available on the Nintendo E-Shop along with digital versions of Red and Blue)  Pre-Installed onto your console! Along with limited-edition faceplates with 20th Anniversary designs!




In other news, The Pokemon Center in Japan is releasing new 20th anniversary merchandise including, T-Shirts, Lanyards, Hats, Plushe, and MUCH MUCH more!






What do you think of Pokémon's 20th anniversary? Voice your comments!

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The Pokémon games where the Pokémon weren't pieces of furniture are the best Pokémon games.

Though I won't be buying any of them stuffs since I can pirate my way into playing these games on my phone :hrhr:

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Happily got Pokémon Blue but i was tempted to get Yellow due to being able to get all 3 starters. But Pokémon Blue was my first Pokémon game back when i had a brick of a Gameboy that was pretty much powered by a nuclear reactor. 18 years on and i still enjoy the originals and they've aged better then i thought they would of; now I'm hoping they do the same for G/S/C but i'm not sure if it will happen with there being HG/SS.

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