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Split Screen for Online WarZone was so funny: with an update?

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I bought Xbox One because i just remeber how was fun play warzone online with halo 3 in warzone mode. 

Now found out there's no split screen. 

The discussion is: Can you, 343industries, please update the game buy just software update to introduce split screen mode? 

Please don't say it can be done. I know it can. 

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I don't remember there being any Warzone in any Halo before this.

Moving on sure splitscreen can be done, but make sure you have some asprin with you for the headache that comes from moving between 30 and 60 fps all the time.

343i made their decision to sacrifice Splitscreen for constant 60 fps and are sticking with it, no matte rhow bad you want it.

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Warzone never existed in Halo in any other titles in the franchise.

Splitscreen cannot be updated into the game, it's technically impossible because of how the game was written.


Sorry bro

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