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Hi, New Here, Names Edward Buck

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So I have been wondering about coming to this community and as you can see I am new here lol. I came from Halo Waypoint simply because I was permanently banned there because of one of my Youtube videos in regards to Halo 5's aiming mechanics and who was to blame on that. Regardless I was wanting to know of any ground before I start posting.


Can I post my links here to my videos for people to watch? Would I get in trouble with the content of my videos, though they are my all honest opinion and how I feel right now with the current Halo game.


I want to stay with a good community who can take a joke and can have fun with. Halo Waypoint doesnt seem to allow that. I just wanted to make friends and have fun on Halo and possibly play with some of you on here as well.


I gotta to say too that this site is far better than Waypoint because you can do more with your profile and from what I understand the people here seem a lot more friendly than negative, which is all I got from over there.


Well thats all I got to say and if anyone could help me and let me know who the Admins are I might ask them a few questions too, thanks for you times guys and I hope to see you out on the battlefield :) 

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Hello EdwardBuckODST,

Sharing videos is normally fine, whether they're providing analysis, gameplay montages, or just generally connected to the Halo universe. All we ask in general is that any videos you'd like to post meet our own site rules (e.g. no nudity, political content, bad language, etc.) and contain a short summary of their contents in the accompanying text, so that any members who can't access them can still join in with the discussion. The full list of rules can be found here: if you have any questions or need clarification about any of these rules, feel free to @Mention me in a response, or send me a PM directly.

But the short version is - yes, sharing videos is not just allowed, but actively encouraged!

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