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UNSC Warlord Book 3 Chapter 22

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~Chapter 22: Boarded~




UNSC Ambient was under attack, Covenant ships breached from all sides. Hangars, Entryways, Armories, Windows... You name it, they came from there. Team Lord held a defensive position, but in no way would they be able to defend themselves in hopes to survive. Not in this elbow they wouldn’t. They needed to push forward and get to a secure room. If a pod were to breach that window, they’d all be sucked out from the vacuum.


Joseph and Junior had arrived from the medical bay about five minutes before the event, to give them news up on Ash. Even if it was poor timing on their part, they would now need to push their way back and make it to her, in hopes of her recovery to continue.


“Joseph and Magnus. Push forward on me. I feel like you will be needed in the med bay here soon enough.” Junior pleaded, an insidious tone on his tongue.


“Sir, will do.” Joseph and Magnus fired upon the enemies that crawled into the room until there was a brief clear space.


Joseph was daring and went first, shooting any of the arrogant Covenant that stood in his way. Let it be an Elite or Jackals. He took them down.


Magnus stacked next. He made sure their backs stayed clear as they moved to the next room. Though not much of them followed, only a few minor grunts.


“Good thinking Junior.” Runner modulated, “We need to secure an open area, yet enough cover provided for us. If we could just find the place to do so...” Runner’s voice was strangled by Junior’s interruption.


“We’re going to the medical bay, despite orders. I’m sure we’ll be needed there soon enough anyways. Plus we can’t let them get to Ash.” Junior was gruff explaining his plan.


“If that’s what you really think, Junior. Then we should. However, if you’re wrong in any case... I will hurt you for what you have done.” Runner’s voice sounded of the dead.


“If that’s what it takes, then sure.” he replied roughly.


They all headed down the next entryway. Archangel and Anne covered the rear as they moved forward. Frank messed around with one of the security doors, and managed to get it closed. Sealing off any Covenant that followed them from behind.


“You know, having Jackson here right now would be a lot of help.” Frank whined.


“Well he’s not going to, so you’re going to have to suck it up for once and do your job as a soldier. Even if you are a damn pilot. I don’t care, we’re doing what we need to and it’d be nice if you would do the same.” Junior was intense. All Runner could do was glare, as if he knew something came up or was about to happen. All he told them about Ash was that they were almost finished with the procedures and all they would have left to do was just wait until she woke up.


The next room seemed safe, however they still had six more to go before they arrived at the medical bay. Who knows what laid between them and there now...


“Alright guys, whatever’s in these hallways are what’s there. Let it be Grunts or Jackals. Maybe even Elite’s. We need to eliminate them and proceed to Ash, understood?” Runner worried.


They nodded their head in agreement, weapons faced at the door.




Jackson had finally arrived at Lan Chorus’s capital ship. The hole was still there, enough room for him to land the Broadsword.


As he safely ejected himself from the ship, he caught something with his eyes, but he didn’t know what. He continued to the nuke and armed it. The timer was set for five minutes. He needed to get moving.


A door was over in the corner, although it was closed he would have to make his way through it and fast. This was a round trip afterall, he needed to make it to his objective in two minutes max, otherwise he would be done for.




“Watch it Anne! Crawler behind you!” Archangel yelled, he fired his DMR just in time to stop the thing from getting her.


“You know Runner, I remember you saying that these were Covenant that would have to be worried about. I see you were wrong.” Junior shot a Knight in the back, then turned around to quickly take out a Watcher from resurrecting it.


“Now’s not the best time Junior!” Runner cocked her Carbine and fired it rapidly until she took down the Elite and nearby Jackals.


There wasn’t much of them, but they were a resistance that stalled them from reaching their objective for a few minutes.


“Come on, next room is the medical bay. Let’s go!” Archangel seemed to be upset in the length of time this mission seemed to take. The walk was literally thirty seconds, the enemies made it ten minutes.


As they entered the room, there seemed to be no enemies in sight. They spread out and held a defense as Junior and Runner went for the door. As they got closer, they saw two Knight’s warp into the room, that’s where the lights went dark.


“Magnus on me for breach!” Runner yelled. She could hear Ash in the other room. She seemed to be gasping for air and having troubles to breathe. The Knight’s were still visible as they glowed in the dark.Yet, she and the others were forced to activate their flashlights for their safety.


The gasping was louder as they opened the door and eliminated the Knight’s. As the lights flicked back on, Ash’s eyes opened. She coughed, but seemed alright.


“Ash, are you alright?” Runner ran up and asked.


“I’m fine, I feel better now that I’ve been brought here. Thank you guy’s, we’ve made it. I made it. I actually thought that planet was the last for me.” Ash managed to get a smile on her left side.


She looked around, they all seemed to be focused on her. “What’s wrong?”


Archangel took a stand in front of the others. “You might not believe this if they told you, but UNSC Warlord has been destroyed and Jackson was sent to take out Lan Chorus’s ship with a nuke.”


“Wait, they sent Jackson on a suicide mission in intent to kill someone who isn’t even there?” Ash sounded more baffled by that then the fact her ship was destroyed.


“Uh... Yes, I guess. What makes you think Lan Chorus isn’t there?” Archangel was confused.


“Because Verite is, not Lan Chorus. Verite went to the ship back on the planet after they killed the Brute’s. Lan Chorus stayed to take out any of the remaining survivors if you don’t mind, especially in those one aerial vehicles they had assisting them.”


“Should we tell Maria? Get Jackson out of their and back to safety?” Runner was confused on what to do. She didn’t quite understand, all she remembers is that she was almost dead until that happened. That anti-air Wraith had its cannon focused on the pelican like the sitting duck it was.


At that very moment Frank teleported in front of them, and he appeared to be in the hands of some type of Knight. All that was heard were loud gasping sounds, which explained their worry earlier when they thought it was Ash, it was Frank.


“I knew something was different, I just didn’t say anything or notice what.” Magnus stated.


The Knight stared at them, soon Frank’s back was a bright orange. The Knight fired in an incineration cannon into his back and blasted him with it, his body was gone.


They all raised their weapons, Magnus threw his pistol to Ash who caught it. The Knight opened its face to scream at them, which called more Promethean’s to help out. All of them a new kind that they didn’t know about.


“Fireteam Lord, be cautious. There is a Knight Stratego on the ship. If you spot him, bring him down at all costs. He’s the equivalent as a Covenant Field Marshall. Except worse when it comes to combat. Oh, and be careful of his friends, Soldier’s. Don’t drop your focus off them for more than one second.” Maria said, and that was it of the conversation.


The Knight summoned a Watcher, then proceeded to charge his cannon.


~End of Chapter 22~

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My character got rekt XD


I was kinda hoping he'd get some more time before he bites the dust, but being incinerated sure is an awesome way to go. 


Another awesome chapter  :thumbup:

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