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wusup. if u wanna join a non-hacker, non-camper, and non-sniper clan than GRnT could be your clan! we are against any forms of not being legit and fun in the world of halo. We don't like it when people snipe or camp throughout every online multiplayer match. We are also against call of duty because everybody camps in that game and its not skillful to get a kill it's mainly because 1 shot from any gun gets a kill. In halo, you need skill to get a kill and GRnT is all about skill and non-n00byness i guess you could say. And besides in halo nobody has a n00b tube attached to their gun LMFAO. so if your legit and fair then join GRnT and forever have a team who doesn't wait for you to hurt someone so they can steal your kill!!! Message SkullWarriors on Xbox Live to join.

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