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I'm Totally NOT a druid, dont be alarmed!

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Ok guys, my two week trial is up, and I don’t have the money to continue this membership, so I would love to thank you guys for making me feel really welcome here, been a great journey, and now the truth about if I am really a druid or not, well the thing is I ... wait- it's free? Okay, well *tosses speech away*, I've been on for about 2 weeks now, give or take, and I just wanted to say that this place is outstanding! Even more so because I have always had trouble fitting in, (whether it was school, or social outings) but it is amazing how you guys welcomed me, into the community! In the last few days I've been having this crazy urge to become a bigger part of this forum, so I've decided that I am going to spend less time in the shout box, and more time making posts; don't worry as I will try my best to make them w...w....wprtZzzzZzzzzZZzzz... OH uh, worth the read and you have my seal of approval! So that being said, I should end this here before you guys fall asleep, I’m sure I've rambled on long enough! Cheers guys, and thanks for being 110% awesome! 

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There's something about those dark, curly trees in your backyard... *squints eyes*

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