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A Heist-Like Setup  

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  1. 1. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Yes, I would be interested. I hope I can attend. Great idea!
    • Yes, I would be interested. Although I cannot attend, you should record it.
    • My choice is neutral.
    • No, I am not interested.
    • No, I am not interested. You should also discard the idea.

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Alright, so Yoshi and I and a few others are working and testing some maps out. We have less than half finished, but we're working on them. Nonetheless, this will take quite some time before they are done. However, we will make sure they work well. Test lobbies will be ran, and bugs/glitches will be fixed to their best. 


Now, before this keeps going on and sounding like chivalry. I should explain what the topic is all about. Featuring what to expect, and to do.


This is a chain-effect Event setup. In better words, have you ever played GTA 5's Heists? Or Witcher? Or even Deus Ex? Although those are some great examples, what this event is... It's not quite like that, but it's sorta like that. What your team does that round, and if they win, that will affect the outcome.


Simply put, the maps are all fixed maps. However, outcomes will affect the rotation and the continuation. 


There will be SIX different maps. The first FIVE maps will be setups. Each one featuring different objectives. E.x.: Assault, CTF, Territories, Slayer, Elimination/S&D.


The SIXTH map, will be a surprise gametype. However, this one is greatly affected by your outcomes. You could be having fun, or you could be on a defensive retreat, leading to your game over. Just make sure what you do, you get it done.


A backstory will also be added to the "Heist" or "Setup". Giving each team something fun to read afterwards when the results are posted.


Also, please take note that even after the playthrough is complete. The Event will not be, we can play it again, mix up the teams, and enjoy the fun.


Any questions or concerns? Let me know down below, that way you can all get a better understanding if any of you misunderstood.


Thanks for taking the time. ^_^

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So, like fancy invasion? But on a much larger scale.


Yeah, I can see where you're going with this. Makes sense.

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