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So I decided to take my time and build a "Defend the Keep" map. Which was suggested by the Community. I was alternatively going to make a "Tower of the Gods" map, but that went out of the question.


Anyways, Armathian Fortress is a Keep/Fort like structure map.


Red Team spawns inside the Keep, and is supplied with few necessary vehicles, and weapons of variety.


Blue Team spawns outside the keep, behind any of the cliffs that are in the distance. They are supplied with many vehicles, and heavy assault.


However, no need to be cocky. There's only one entrance for vehicles, and Red Team has turrets to counter vehicles as well as a few weapons, a Sniper Rifle and a Rocket Launcher. That's it. Working together will be the key to a proper defense, as the same goes for the assault.


Supported Game-Types: 1 Flag CTF, 1 Bomb Assault, Classic Infection, Team Slayer.


These are just the Game-Types, however if you want the Action-Pack-Fun-Pack, you're going to need 14-16 players for that to work.


Game-Types are in my file share already, with the map. Just lookup "L Fishy L" if you don't know where to go.





Infantry have different access ways than vehicles. For example, they are able to climb the Brace supports, or the Rocks that lay up against the wall. Be careful though, snipers sit on the Keep Towers.


Also, take note in the EMP's. They are detonated manually, and can be detonated only once every 100+ seconds, use them wisely. They don't affect infantry.


Also, take note that Red Team has a supported Wraith, setup on the top of the Keep as a Mortar support. Will help out much for cluster kills, or that random teammate save from the Gauss Warthog. Just don't betray!





Take note of Blue Teams official spawn, it's furthest from the Keep. However, respawns will take you elsewhere. 


Initial respawn just supplies everyone with 2 SMG's, 2 Battle Rifles, and 2 Grenades. BR's are initial loadout, but a little ammo doesn't hurt.


Also, take note there is only enough room for 7 players in vehicles, whoever is your 8th player. Use them for cover support, or send them over to the Sniper Rifle to helpout with your assault!




I hope you all enjoy the map and give it a shot! It's BIG! and by BIG! I mean, it's BIG! That Keep is half of the map, the other half is the terrain.


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Veri aesthetically pleasing map. Fishy whi didn't u show us this Forge talent earlier? I'm a fan.

I'm not sure what you mean. I have done many forge map submissions, recent being Salient. Which even has a fast Walk-through of the map.




There's also Clastic, which is my first MCC submission, featuring a BTB Map. It needs work done to it, which I have yet to do. But the design and everything is complete. Hell, this map was supposed to be an Invasion-Type setup. 




Also, you should totally resign and go back to News Team. #ForgeMapOfTheWeek ;)


Anyways, besides all that Mumbo Jumbo. I have been forging maps, there are more I have yet to work on, but I am trying. There are even some I have, but have not finished. Or shown off to anybody.


Rats and Mice? Yes? That's probably my most successful basic map I have ever created and yet everyone plays it and enjoys it. However, I have not shown an update version on here yet. All that's shown is the original.


Then there's Grifcochet. Grifball setting, but it's Ricochet.


There's Conglomerate, which is a piece of Clastic. (That's the pun of the name, most of my maps are actual words that match their definitions.)


And finally, there's the Floor is Lava. Which needs quite a bit of work put into it, plus the rules explained. Because whenever we play it, everyone dies in 1 second.


These are just a few basic maps that are known, I am actually working on a 5-Map Series, and thinking about making them into an Event. Each map will be different Game-Types/Modes, and then brewed up into a series. Kinda like playing Rush in Battlefield, or Heists in GTA V, or even comparable to Alpha Protocol. You'll just have to wait and see. ^_^ (If you view my profile, you'll notice that my 'About Me' has Event's in the making. One of those will feature maps created by me.)

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I meant before 2015 on the site

I have made maps before. A lot actually, I just started showcasing them. I submitted a few awhile back, had them removed to be worked on. Never resubmitted.


So, expect to see more in the future and more maps I have on hand, but are being worked on.

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