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All 360 Titles Playable on Xbox One so far

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As you all know Microsoft announced backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One at this years E3 event. Since then the number of 360 titles that have finally became playable has grown, but bear in mind non preview members cannot have access to this feature until the third quarter of the year.


Here is the current list of all the Xbox 360 games that are playable on the Xbox One to date:


• A Kingdom of Keflings
• A World of Keflings
• Alien Hominid
• Banjo-Kazooie
• Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
• Banjo-Tooie
• BattleBlock Theater
• Defense Grid: The Awakening
• Gears of War
• Hexic HD
• Jetpac Refuelled
• Kameo
• Mass Effect
• N+
• Perfect Dark
• Perfect Dark Zero
• Shadow Complex
• Small Arms
• Super Meat Boy
• Toy Soldiers
• Toy Soldiers Cold War
• Viva Pinata
• Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise​


Other titles such as Gears of War 2, 3 and Judgment and Fallout 3 are confirmed to be included later down the line. Also be looking at the image above it is safe to assume those other titles will be added to the list. Again backwards compatibility is only accessible for preview members now, but it will made available to everyone this fall. You can let Microsoft know what games you'd like to see on the list by heading over to xbox.uservoice.com.


What 360 games would you like to see compatible with the Xbox One?



Source: Gamespot

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Wow, just wow, Ms dares put Viva Pinata on that list! seriously?!


What about the poll on the Xbox site?! Who even asked for these terrible games to be put on there. Granted there was one or two good ones on here but apart from those..... *Aceplam* Not even a Halo game.....



*Sigh* At least its nice to see you doing articles again Adam, even if its really bad news. :)

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Waiting for some actual games to be added...








It really bothers me that they put up a poll like that and don't add the highly requested games. No, everyone is thrilled for Hexic HD!

At least we got Gears >.>

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