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    I'm actually devastated by this revelation. It is a regular activity for me to get together with a friend to play Halo games. Tradition since 2004 on the old 'box. I know it means nothing, but I had to start an account just to voice my tremendous disappointment to 343 Industries. The MP (split screen experience... I don't use multiplayer features alone much) in Halo 4 was so great, my friends and I were super-excited for 5 to release - to get that experience on 'new gen'. MC collection just doesn't have a good MP experience in my opinion, so Guardians was going to be the revelation.

    I know, I know; I'm probably in the minority of players who want a gaming experience for more than one person in the home - but this is such a blow to my hobby, I can't fathom a developer doing such a disservice to a game's fan base. A game that I'd imagined was going to be a staple of my play time in a series that I've excitedly picked up on release day each and every iteration is now relegated to being just another shooter to experience then throw on the stack for trade-in. What a tremendous bummer. 343, you have crushed my fandom.

...you can tell I'm new; I double-tapped and posted this twice. Don't know how to get rid of the dupe.

Sry for the noob-ery.

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