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Quakecon 2015 opened today with the reveal of a Fallout PC collection, and details on a Doom Multiplayer Alpha.


The collection, dubbed "Fallout Anthology", launches before Fallout 4, and comes with 5 games from the Fallout franchise: all of them for PC. The games are packaged inside a replica of a Fallout 3 (or New Vegas) Fat Man Mini Nuke that has an "audible bomb sound". There's even extra space inside the container for another game in addition to the space occupied by the 5 games: specifically noted is the PC version of Fallout 4 (sold separately).


Official images for the collection:











List of games that come with the nuke:

  • Fallout
  • Fallout 2
  • Fallout: Tactics
  • Fallout 3 - Game Of The Year Edition
  • Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition

The compilation releases in North America on September 29th, in Australia on October 1st, and in Europe on October 2nd (as Gamespot states). Gamespot claims it's 50$, but the price may vary from region to region.





An official Multiplayer Alpha for the 2016 Doom reboot will be made available for selected players from "The New Order Beta pool" on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 platforms.


Owners of the physical copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order will need a Doom Beta code to partake in the Alpha (it's unclear if Beta codes are packaged with new copies of the game, or are received when picking up a Pre-Ordered version). However, individuals who own a digital copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order can get in without needing a code, or any form of credentials.


The exact date of the Alpha is unclear, but it's certain that it will arrive in the "coming months", and before the Multiplayer Beta of next year. Anyone who Pre-Ordered Wolfensten: The New Order (regardless of platform) will be able to thrash in the Doom Multiplayer Beta ahead of the game's release in Spring of 2016.


Head here to redeem any Beta codes, and find out if you're eligible for the Doom Alpha & Beta.



Thanks for reading!  :split:


Gamespot 1 & 2, Bethblog 1 & 2


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I'm getting the Fallout Anthology JUST FOR THE NUKE.


I can prank people now :doge: 


And the Woofenstein DOOM Beta is kewl too, can't wait to play. I got the code, yet never pre-ordered. Best Buy, how I love your idiocy! 


Great article Selfay.

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Not sure if this is available in the U.S but another Fallout 4 Edition is coming out




Also nice post SD! too bad I already own Fallout 3 and New Vegas :c

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Does that include Fallout 3 and Fallout tactics? :D
Because if so they are not Fallout games, they just think they are.
Okay, rant time!
One of their massive problems is the large amount of implausibility, bad characters and dialogue, bad gameplay and stuff generally breaking cannon.
Fallout 3 was simply a good game. Fallout New Vegas was a good Fallout game. And for Fallout tactics.... don't even get me started.
1 Why did the Brotherhood of Steel allow a Goul into their ranks?
Answer: No idea. I mean the game tries to explain their was a civil war between two sides about letting outsiders in but I don't buy that. The East Coast Bos was tough as nails and zenophobic about everything non Human. Take Lyons Brotherhood of Steel, despite being the most liberal out of all the other chapters of the Bos. This guy still didn't allow Gouls into their ranks. Look at Fallout Nv, at that point Bos is in tatters if it was time to start getting Gouls into supplement their numbers, now was the time, but they didn't despite being backed into a corner. So why the chuff are Gouls in Bos ranks?! No logical idea. How come nobody every talks about this supposed war between Bos anyway?!
2 Lack of implausibility
Fallout 3 takes place 120 years after Fallout 1, so why the chuff has the capital Wasteland gone nowhere. Take Fallout 1, 80 years after the Great war the inhabitants of Fallout 1 had mostly established towns and cities with proper hierarchy and had an effective farming and trading system. But 200 years after the war, the places in Fallout 3 are nothing more than loosely organised villages that are still scrounging places for food that further adds to the implausibility. 200 years after the war and that Superdupermart still has food and medicine?! I'm calling bs!
3 Super Mutants
Why are Super mutants on the west coast?! Because Bethesda wanted them to I guess. it was clearly stated in the original games that all FEV research was moved to the Mariposa Military base on the West Coast. So it breaks lore.


4 What do they eat


Good question me, what do the inhabitants of Fallout 3/New Vegas eat, well lets find out.


Good springs: They seemed to be farming Brahmin.


Megaton: No idea, they don't seem to be farming or ever trading or even have anything to trade but whatever, who cares, right?!

Rivet City: They seem to be growing food in the Science lab but nowhere near enough to be feeding an entire boat so, no idea. They obviously cant go fishing can they?!  


New Vegas: They seem to have set up an elaborate farming system around the city.


You see the general trend?! Fallout 3 is very implausible, while New Vegas is much more realistic. Sure Nv does have one or two plotholes like why didn't the Ncr just bomb the Legion with Vertibirds but even that can be sort of explained.


5 Little Lamplight.....


You know, their just kids.


Point is: Fallout 3 and Fallout tactics never make much sense when you put them into a real world context.


Okay rant over now onto the article.


That mini nuke looks awesome btw, too bad I already have all the Fallout games, even the bad ones , interesting article Sd.

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High level events of tactics are canon and the game itself is solid. Worth playing and still a Fallout game.

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Interesting news, I'll be sure to check this out. ^_^ (Not for Xbone tho..)


Great news SD. ^_^

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Fallout tactics is still fun as is Fallout 3 don't get me wrong. :)
Fallout 3 is a good game, Fallout New Vegas is a good Fallout game, see the difference?
Now to expand on my points earlier about how important immersion is.
It all being with these words "The suspension of disbelief" and "secondary belief"  < Tolkin coined this!
Now lets explain what Tolkien thought about secondary belief shall we?
"Inside it what the author relates is true. It accords with the laws of that world. You therefore believe it, while you are, as if it were, inside. The moment disbelief arises. The spell is broken. The magic or rather art has failed. You are then out in the primary world again, looking at a little abortive secondary world from the outside"
The point is Tolkien believed internal consistency was key ( kinda explains Lotr now dosent it?! ) "Placing a story in fantasy world dosent mean anything can happen. It only means you are changing certain limited things about premise of a setting" < Youtuber Mbtoungue on secondary belief.
Now then lets relate this to Superman and then back to Fallout.
This is why so many people find it so implausible that nobody don't recognise Clark Kent as Superman. At Batman hides it by creating an alter ego, Bruce Wayne rich millionaire playboy. He changes up his voice and wears a mask. Superman does none of these things.


To quote Mbtoungue again "The people who point this out are fine with eye lasers and flying but no the transparency of Supermans disguise. That's because we accept flying and eye lasers as part of our agreement with the author"


This point is this shows how secondary belief has to be carefully managed as to not "break the spell" 


Of course after secondary belief is immersion, so why I am I so immersed in Fallout Nv and not Fallout 3?


Because Fallout Nv generally makes sense in a real world context and that is pretty much never breaks secondary belief and allows me to get immersed fully and for as long as I play, believe this world actually exists.


That's why I sleep regularly in the game despite not playing on Hardcore mode, because I am immersed.

That's why I carry food and drink around, because I am immersed.

That's why I don't fast travel because I am immersed.


I think you see the trend I don't think that have no purpose and only impede my progress but I do them because I believe the world exists.


In Fallout 3, I don't really do any of these things because I can the world is fake, its a game world I can see its limitations, but Nv had the same limitations but because the level of immersion I get I notice its faults much harder.


Fallout Nv has deathclaws, a bunch of guys pretending to be Romans, a guy who has been alive for 200 years in cryosleep or something with an army of robots hiding in the hills. You even have Super mutants running around. These things don't make sense in real life but because of my immesrsion I accept them as real when I play Nv.


Fallout 3 has the same kinda deal but because I am not immersed I point out the amount of implausibility.


What do they eat?


Why is Lyons Brotherhood even part of Bos if they have nothing to do with them?


Why are Super Mutants on the East coast.


Why is Shady sands 120 years ago doing better than Rivet city?


How does lamplight maintain a population?


Why had the Enclaves power armour tech gone backwards in thirty years?


How does Bos maintain its numbers?


You see lots of implusabilties here, these thinks exist in Nv too ( but too a lesser extent ) but because I am immersed I don't notice them.


I think this quote from my Mrbtongue sums it up. "To Bethesda Fallout's setting was a secondary concern. An environment to put gameplay in. The question of why anyone would build a town not next to a food source but an active atomic bomb was not as big a concern for them. But to Obsidian the setting was part of the story to the point where it wasn't clear where one started and finished"


And that's a wrap folks!

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