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Destiny Weekly Recommendations - Week One

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Ello gentlemen and women of the forum, today marks the first in a series I will be hosting called Destiny Weekly Recommendations. If you're unfamiliar, each week there is a reset bringing new items, bounties, missions, strikes, etc. What this series will be focusing on is the inventories of important vendors and whether or not you should purchase their wares. Let's begin with Mr. Variks.


Variks, House of Judgment


[Titan] Kellslayer's Grips - 53 D / 53 S

[Hunter] Kellhunter's Rally - 103 I

[Warlock] Kellbreaker's Gloves - 114 D


Hunters and Warlocks have something to look forward to this week, Titans, not so much. The Rally is something that you should probably pick up if you are going for an intellect roll, but 103 is pretty average. Still, if you don't own it, pick it up for now, it's not like anyone would blame you. The Gloves have a great stat roll of 114, so fans of grenades like axion bolt and such will probably want to run PoE this week for them, you have my permission to go after these. The Grips are... Iffy, to say the least. 106 total is better than nothing, but for Strength and Discipline, it seems wasted. Variks has sold better and will sell better, so unless you wanna complete your full set Titans, pass. 


[sniper] Shadow of Veils


So, the weapon of the week is one I've been long awaiting, the Shadow of Veils, an interesting sniper rifle, to say the least. It does Arc damage, which is good for those of you without an Arc sniper, though my Efrideet's Spear scratches that itch quite well for me. For perks, you have Replenish, fill your magazine when a Super is cast, a choice of Speed Reload, Perfect Balance, or Extended Mag, pretty self explanatory, and... Shank Burn... :c By no means is the Shadow of Veils a bad sniper, the opposite actually, it's a good sniper for a great many things. Replenish won't help that much in many scenarios, but all three middle perks are excellent. Then you have Shank Burn... Just puts a sour taste in your mouth, don't it? Shadow of Veils is worth getting, if not for it's middle tree variety than for collection, since Gulrot is not at all difficult. Just don't expect a Black Hammer, or an Efrideet's, or an Eye of Sol, this is a Shadow of Veils with Shank Burn, know that going in.


Brother Vance Inventory coming later on, Xur coming later in the week.


Thanks for reading, kiddos.

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