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Possible future patch

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You may or may not be aware that Halo Wars is being considered for the backwards compatibility program(incase you don't know what this is go here and vote Halo Wars, and any other games you might want) and is doing surprisingly well at keeping on the first page; amassing over 28 thousand votes. Judging by the comments I've read most of the people who want it accepted no longer have an xbox 360, and since there are no RTS games for the one they are in dire need for it.

Due to the high demand(compared to other console RTS games), and if it stays on the first page, it is guaranteed to be accepted. Thanks to a complete lack of competition from other RTS games on the one(there isn't any) this means there will be a massive influx of old and new players alike, and when backwards compatibility becomes available to everyone outside the preview program there will be an even bigger increase in players.


I believe that with the new players there should be a new patch, or at least a patch some time afterwards, and with more people playing it gets easier and easier for 343i to be persuaded to do some changes; or even better start working on a HW2. Before all this happens though we need to sit down and discuss what changes need to be made, and then submit them to 343i. This is quite difficult because the community is essentially nonexistent; scattered and divided or simply not interested in HW anymore. You have casual players that still hop on every now and then, but they seldom care for a game they hardly play and are unlikely to discuss changes to it on the internet, via forums or whatever. At the other end you have the closed, tight-knit high level community who have basically given up hope of any changes, and again are unlikely to discuss any changes. Most stay in contact with each other through XBL or even have their team mates on their phones, facebook, whatever. 

Some top players will give their ideas when asked though.


The very few of us that love this game, and are willing to reach a consensus on what needs changing, need to do so right around now or at least start. Personally I'd like 343i to focus on fixing the plethora of glitches present in the game; arby rage glitch, chieftain vortex glitch, canny glitch, vampire stasis glitch, undead banshee glitch, sniper tower/energy wall glitch. It would also be a good idea to have a go at improving the pathfinding too. Combined these fixes will completely change the way the game is played. A new Halo Wars for a new generation.

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Eh, chances of seeing this game be backwards compatible and having a patch along with it are slim to none. smile.png

"amassing over 28 thousand" That isn't that much.....

"it gets easier and easier for 343i to be persuaded to do some changes" Once again, chances of a patch are slim to none. If they did decide to do HW2 they would outsource it to another company. Like Bungie did with Halo wars.

"the community is essentially non-existent" Even more reason for the chances of backwards compatibility not happening.

"are willing to reach a consensus on what needs changing" What? the entire Halo wars community is going to sit around a table and talk it out? I don't think so.

"A new Halo Wars for a new generation" Or how about Halo wars 2?


Seriously even if this game becomes backwards compatible, the chances of a patch are something like 00.1 percent out of a hundred.

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The game is six years old, and 343 has no experience managing an RTS. I'm pretty sure robot entertainment was managing HW anyway...

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