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So this map was simple, something I made way back on Halo Reach when the game first came out. So around 2010, is when I first had the idea. Well, here recently. I though I might recreate the map, and give it some of the newer specs of what forge has in mind for us. Which is exactly what I did. The map setup and structure is the same, nothing new has been added. However, there is no Spartan Lasers of course. Anyways, I'm going to start off from the first chamber. All the way to the last chamber.


The map is setup on a timer. Each chamber the survivors have to defend themselves, until a gravity lift spawns and they are able to head to the next chamber. Each player has random weapons, while the Alpha Zombie has 2000% Resistance but 25% speed. The Alpha Zombie is the only one with an Infected Sword. Which increases lunge range. Standard Infected have Energy Swords.




Chamber 1, your spawn chamber. From here you can see heavy resistance. Barricades and shield door. You can also see the teleporter, and no gravity lift. This is the initial start of the game. The 1st chamber features close quarter guns. Plasma Rifles and Assault Rifles, that's about it. The Gravity Lift will spawn in, and you can continue forward. However, in the H2A version of this game; a yellow light will also appear to indicate the grav lift spawn.




Chamber 2. As you can see, all there is is just Jersey Barricades, short. With Covenant Carbines and Battle Rifles on them. Which come in handy when you need them.




Chamber 3. Now, this is where things start to get different. As you can see, there's a One-Way Shield door in the way. So once you're through, your through. Good for camping, unless a zombie decides to find you. Also, take note that this is known as the grenade chamber. There's a pile of 64 grenades on the floor. 32 frag, 32 plasma. Up for takes, if you need them. However, they're extremely close to the One-Way Shield. So be careful if you want to spam. Also, this chambers gravity lift has transformed into a UNSC man cannon.




Chamber 4. Known as the precision chamber. If you look along the wall, you can see there's Beam Rifles and Sniper Rifles. As well as Shields to protect the flood when needed. Good for swarming the enemies. However, the flood/infected would be wise to not let the enemies get this far. The gravity lift in this room is now a Vehicle Gravity Lift, since the teleporter is located on the ceiling.




Chamber 5. The survivor stronghold. There's a Machine Gun Turret Fixed, Machine Gun Turret Detachable, a Plasma Turret, and a Gauss Turret. As well as Rocket Launchers and Fuel Rod Guns underneath the stairs. This chamber is where survivors can stand together to overcome the enemy. That is, if there's enough of them left alive. Which the infected would be insane to let such a thing happen. There is a teleporter that spawns in here as well, but requires you to run all the way back to the entrance of the chamber, which is suicide. However, a green light indicates the spawn in this version.




Starting in chamber 3, all teleporters have been modified from the original version. The teleporters are now floating in the air. And a forerunner gravity lift is right in the entrance. This gravity lift picks up any of its surroundings, and then pushes them forward. Like a vent, sort of. This is to prevent assassinations.




If you decide to go through the teleporter in Chamber 5, which takes you to the Infected Spawn Area. So you might wanna get out of their quick. This teleporter is also connected to the Initial Floods (Alpha) spawn. Which is located off the map, and once left. You can never return. It's much more of a slow down for survivors to get a chance. Unless they want to become infected.


Also, notice the man cannon spawn. There is a total of 3 of these on the map. Each of them aren't initially spawned, but they start to appear after survivors reach chamber 4. They all spawn when the survivors are at chamber 5. These man cannons are just to help the Alpha Infected reach the survivors faster.



Anyways, that's about it. The files are on my fileshare. My GT is L Fishy L. Enjoy! ^_^


If you don't know how to do the search system yet. Here's how:


Launch MCC > Open Roster By Pressing "X" > Click On Your Name > Select Find Player > Enter Gamertag.

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