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So I decided this Morning that I would go on a hunt to find all the Classic Halo 3 Maps from Pre-MCC and download them for whenever I would decide play good ole Custom Games again. Or when ever I get gaming internet back... AHHHHHHHH-
While Looking I could not find a single mention of 30 Days of Night for The Master Chief Collection. So I decided to make it. 30 Days of Night is set on Cold Storage with only 1 infected throughout the entirety of the round. The Infected starts in a box and the Survivors spawn in front of him. The Infected has Good Camo on. Survivors start with an Assault Rifle and Shotgun, but trust me, you'll be using the shotgun the most. It IS possible to get inside the infected's box, but that is not a wise decision.

After 30 Seconds, the map will dim and a few doors will lock themselves with Energy Shielding. If a survivor hasn't gotten to a hiding place now would be a good time to do so. After another 30 Seconds, The Lights will almost completely go out, leaving the map in a very, very dark state. Most of the Doors on the map will lock, leaving few pathways for all players to take. A gravity lift will also spawn for the infected to get out of his Box and hunt down the other players. This extreme Darkness makes seeing the infected very difficult and creates a Paranoid situation for the Survivors.



Basically it's Predator in a very dark and CQC environment. Band Together or seperate, your choice.

Another Basic Map I have made, but still a fun part of my memory and I hope you can have fun on it too. Both the Gametype and Map are saved in my fileshare [EVOL SPARTAN II] on the MCC under the same name.

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Just ask me, I have plenty.

Fat Kid playground, fat kid blow up the bridge, Smear the *****, Duck Hunt, Sky Castle, Jenga Wall, Jenga Tower, Shark and Guppies (Map only), Minotaur, Halo on Halo, Sacrifice on Lava Pit, and Ghost Busters. 

There's much more, but I have those and those are the ones I can name off the top of my head.

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