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~Chapter 12: Impact~




The Longsword was coming in heavy, the heat shield was down and it started to smolder. Pieces flew off, engines were cut out. They were going to crash. Not crash land, crash. Jackson was at the controls with Dexter. Archangel tried his best to do what he could in the back. He wasn’t of much use.


Jackson and Dexter both tried their best. They knew they wouldn’t land, but maybe if they could angle it right and be able to slide on the ground. It would at least give them a chance to survive.


“Jackson, the back end of the Longsword has torn off. I’m not sure if that makes a difference, but I don’t think flight controls are much use anymore. We’re going to have to wish for the best.” Archangel said.


“Understood. Dexter, hold on tight. We don’t want to lose you. You too, Archangel.” Jackson said. He turned around.


Archangel wasn’t there, one of the seats flew and knocked him out of the hole in the Longsword.


“Well crap. We lost Archangel. Dexter, let’s try our best.” Jackson stated.


“Will do sir, I suggest we hold on to something other than the seats. Maybe up against the wall behind us? That way impact doesn’t kill us, if we hit nose first?” Dexter suggested.


“Good idea.” They did as suggested and braced for impact.


Archangel’s fall wasn’t too high, just about a mile off from the surface. He saw what appeared to be infantry on the ground. Sure to be hostile, it was unknown. He activated his thrusters and aimed it at the ground, to lessen his fall damage, by slowing himself down in speed.


His impact was hard on him, but it could have been worse. His armor was locked up, immobile. He looked around before he passed out, a group of Elites walked in front of him. No more than three of them.


They were a distance away, but they seem to have spotted them. They grew closer to the spartan.


“Demon.” The leader said. He withdrew his energy sword.


“No Verite, we must leave now. The Brutes will feast upon him, lets not waste our time with this foolish one.” The Elite on the left said, Beam Rifle in one hand. Plasma Rifle strapped to his leg.


“Yes, but if I see this one again. I will destroy him. Fools should never have come here.” Verite put his Energy Sword away. Anger was shown on his face, but he walked away. There was some Banshees they were headed towards, four of them in total. It seems one of them was killed or lost.


Archangel watched the Banshees take off, he heard an explosion afterwards. The Longsword must have crashed.


“Well, this is it for me.” Archangel passed out.


~End of Chapter 12~

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Erm, Verite is a girl. Derp. just sayin'

My file disagrees.

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