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UNSC Warlord Book 3 Chapter 11

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~Chapter 11: He’s here~





Lan Chorus approached beside the Longsword.


Dexter was the only survivor seen on the field. The ship was crashed, on fire. Smothered to bits, you name it. That ship was no longer stable. Its cargo and everything fell out. Nothing was left for use.


Lan looked at his fellow Elite soldiers beside him. He motioned the others to stand still as he approached the survivor.


Dexter looked up at the Elite, his face was in utter disgust. This couldn’t be. He couldn’t die this way, not now. They had to kill him. He scrambled to get up, but was proven otherwise.


Dexter looked behind him. His legs were gone, crushed by the Longsword. The bleeding has stopped from the flames that scorched them closed. He was hopeless. His magnum was five feet away from him. That may be his only chance. He reached for it.


Lan smiled down at him, with that ugly disgusting face of his. The left side of his face looked like it was burned, just a little. Enough to leave such a scar. One of his eyes.


Oh shoot, Dexter couldn’t tell, he was losing focus. He was bound to die anyways, he might as well do this now. His hand was just about there...


Lan Chorus stepped on his hand, Dexter screamed in pain, but that didn’t stop him. He had to at least try. There was nothing else he could do. He was bound to die.


Lan Chorus was quick to Dexter before he could do anything silly. He reach for an energy dagger and cut off the arm he stood on.


Dexter howled in pain, he felt even weaker than before. As if his last breathe was moments away. Now was his chance, he slowly moved his other arm over and grabbed the weapon. Lan Chorus was in the midst of communication with the other Elites.


“Now you see brothers. This is where we will win and they will lose. If they wish to scout us out and follow us, it will be their grave. We will not run in retreat, we will face them. Unlike those cowards who fled our battle. Taking out our Supercarrier. Fear not, we will have our victory.” Lan Chorus said, his voice was of pure hatred towards the UNSC, specifically UNSC Warlord as it seems. Lan Chorus heard the gun click. He looked down immediately at Dexter.


“You will pay for this.” Was all he said.


“Yeah, well it’s worth it. As long as you’re dead.” Dexter pulled the trigger. He felt relaxed when he did it. A little too relaxed. He opened his eyes and see where he went wrong. He pulled the trigger too late. The relaxation, or I don’t even think it was relaxation to begin with, wasn’t what he thought. He lost his energy. His arm dropped and he didn’t even know it. He couldn’t hold it up. When he pulled the trigger he had missed Lan Chorus and instead, shot one of the other Elites.


Tears rolled down his eyes. Dexter sniffled, and his whimper was silent. He had failed. He was so close, and he failed. He screwed it up, he let down his guard. He just couldn’t take it anymore. “I. I can’t...” Was all he could mumble out of him. His voice was weak and he didn’t have any energy left in him.


“As I promised, you will pay. Your body will lay here for the Brutes, but you yourself. Will not be here when it happens.” Lan Chorus was angrier than ever. It was absolutely livid.


Lan Chorus grabbed his energy sword and withdrew it, he pulled Dexter up as he slammed his sword down. Cutting a deep penetration all the way through his body.


Dexter’s face had a shocked look on it, but that’s all that was left for it. He was dead, he couldn’t move his muscles anymore.


The anger ventilated through Lan Chorus, he ripped the energy sword out of his side. Laying the body in a bunch of torn up pieces.


“We are done here. We must move on before the Brutes catch up to us.” Lan Chorus said, and at that exact moment, a Covenant Spirit flew over them, and lifted them up inside through the gravity lift on the back side, on the bottom.


It headed back to the Cruiser that awaited them, floating in space.


Jackson fought to open his eyes, he heard something. But maybe he was sleeping, he couldn’t tell. Maybe it was a dream. Damn, it was hot out here though.


Jackson managed to keep them open. He saw something in the distance. There was a crashed Longsword, must have been the one he was on.


Of course, why wouldn’t it be?


There was a group of people nearby it, all with their heads on the ground. “What in the Sam Hell are those guys doing? I’m over here. Damn it Frank. Always managing to do something to upset me.” He looked through his binoculars at them, just to make sure.


He was wrong. It was a group of Brutes, they feasted upon something. Someone.


Jackson’s heart beat rose. He saw the remains of the body. “Oh my go...”


A howl broke out behind him.


~End of Chapter 11~

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umad Lan? :troll:

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What a way to go. I can never seem to shoot who I want......

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