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Hello, my name is Cyanide On XBL, and I am here representing a clan on Halo: The Master Chief Collection called SSI. To shorten your time, I will not write a long paragraph for you to read, but instead make a list of information so that you can see what we are about.


Started: 5/12/2015
Members: 10-20

Games: Halo: The Master Chief Collection (H2A and H4), will be moving to Halo 5.

Type: Military and Competitive (2 Divisions to suit different players)

Goals: To become a fun and active clan in the community that stands above others and kicks butt.

Timezone: EST - PST

Country: Mostly America (International)
Requirements: Working mic, a copy of Halo: MCC, and the ability to cooperate.
Organization: The clan is starting to become more and more organized by the day, so we are working on it.
Concern: The new Xbox One environment causes some trouble for our recruitment and gameplay.
Pros: The clan is together as a whole.

Competitive Leaders:

Cyanide on XBL (Drone PGL) has been in dozens of  top-notch competitive clans/teams and has battled with many people. He has 13 years of experience, playing ever since he could hold a controller.



AK is Toxic (WTLW aka Sparky) was one of the leaders of the Legions of Dawn, one of the main clans in the Legions of Sin Empire (Halo 4's largest clan community). He has been playing Halo for 10+ years.




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