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CE anniversary 360 console lock up

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Is anyone else having their 360 COMPLETELY freeze after a few hours of play in this game? NOT MCC. This is the anniversary game on the 360.

I've played through the campaign several different times, on different difficulties, with different skulls on and off, and it freezes my console and I lose ALL game progress made in that session.

I have to hit the power button on the console to shut it down.

The game won't respond to the controller, it is COMPLETELY frozen.

I've played through halo 1,2,3,ODST, and Reach countless times, and I've NEVER had the game freeze up.

Halo 4 however, DID freeze up on more than one occasion.

Thank you Bungie!

WTF 343?

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I have never had Halo CE anniversary freeze my xbox.

It might be due to your xbox getting older. Halo 4 is already pushing the xbox 360 to it's limits graphics wise and I wouldn't be surprised if anniversary does the same to older xbox 360's.

Either that or your disc is dirty/scratched.

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Did the newer 360's have better processors? More ram?

Mine is on the old side.

It's the "arcade" model.

Originally didn't have a hard drive.

No bells or whistles.

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