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Cmdr Raptor

ODST clan recruitment Spring 2015

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Hi, I'm Commander Raptor


Just a fan of the greatest Halo game of all so far... Halo: Reach. Although I have made some analysis to this game and discovered a great many things. I've been in clans and led a few along the way. Let me explain to you where it all began.


In a clan called United Legion PMCs (Private Military Contractors) I tried to add some real life tactical formations and tactics to the game and to my training operations. Some did actually work to excellent results and others got the entire team obliterated. But during those analysis I discovered the few problems that almost every Halo players have. Here they are;


- Smart Field Movement (SFM)

- Patience

- Bloom control


Those are only three of the many more.


SFM is extremely important. Imagine yourself in Hemorrhage and you want to make your way to the enemy territory so you head out in a straight line IN THE OPEN and once you cross a hill or a rock Boom! you're dead by a sniper, a DMR shooter or anything. Plan your moves. Think.


Smart = Be smart. Don't rush into things without thoughts. Take your time.


Field = Look around you. Know where the enemy is at. Scout and recon around locations just to see and locate targets and choke points that you don't want to be caught into.


Movement = When all your preparations are made then move on to your plan. Bring a few teammates from the game chat if you want. Make this everyone's victory.



Patience is very important as well. Knowing when to attack an enemy and when not to. Also to always wait for your shields to recharge when depleted. Going in the firefight without a recharged armor won't do you good, a single lucky shot to the head and you're gone.


Bloom control is about not spraying and preying your weaponry. Use control over these and guaranty every shot hits your target.


All these traits can be taught in our ODST Clan. Join now!


Message Cmdr Raptor for more intel and how to join. Thank you! 

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