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~Chapter 11: Instilled~


Michael landed at the exact same time as the others did. He put the Hornet offline and hopped out of the canopy. “Hello everyone. How’s it going?”


Osiris walked by Michael, “Jeez, you remind me a lot of Destroyer. I hope you die like he did. Save us the trouble of ear infections.” Osiris walked onto a platform, it rose above to the ceiling. He got off and headed towards the Control Room.


“What the heck’s his problem?” Runner crossed her arms, her eyes glared at the platform.


“Oh him? That’s just Osiris, he’s always been that way back when Sarge, Dumby, Destroyer and I ran into him back on Harvest. He’s a tough dude, tough as nails and doesn’t give a crap about no one.” Paladin took a sip of his coffee.


Runner smacked the coffee out of his hands, “Continue.”


Paladin looked at her, annoyed. “I was gonna drink that you know.”


“I know, now continue.” Runner stared at him intensively.


“Well, that’s pretty much it. He doesn’t give a crap and if it causes an explosion. He goes for it. Whatever lights the boomstick.” Paladin walked over to an outlet on the wall. He pulled off his backpack and pulled out a coffee brewer and a coffee bag. He then started to brew some coffee.


“Alright, so the guy loves things to die in a horrific way. Wonderful. I’d rather go take on that Elite that killed your Commander, Alex.” Runner rolled her eyes, she was irritated about this place already, paranoid.

Paladin poured himself a cup of coffee.


“Alright, so now what do we do?” Jackson spoke up.


“Well, don’t ask me. I don’t know.” Paladin said. He took a sip of coffee, commander Samantha came up on his VISR.


“Paladin. I need to see you and the survivors. Now. Moth will be waiting outside the door.” That’s all she said, and flicked off the screen.


“Never mind. Follow me.” He finished his coffee and walked over to the platform.


Paladin pushed a button, which raised the platform.


“Wanna tell us where we’re going?” Jackson said.


“Commander wants to see you survivors. As soon as you’re in the clear, we’ll be on our way.” Paladin replied.

“And what about Bek? What are we going to do about her? She could be alive for all we know.” Jackson stated.

“She could be, but I highly doubt it. See, as soon as we boarded the ship and Osiris left. We left the surface and are now above the atmosphere. By now, he should have cleansed the surface with missile strikes.” Paladin threw his empty coffee cup in the trash. “I highly doubt Bek is still alive after that.”


Jackson just stood in silence. Osiris just wanted to kill her... That was his plan. He must have got sick of her like he got sick of Destroyer. Except, he didn’t kill Destroyer.


The doors slid open. A beautiful young woman stood in front of them. A lustrous golden hair, nicely fined nails, well taken care of uniform, and a nice hint of wow. This commander was a stun, a fox I tell you Er, well you know what I mean. She was attractive. Frank scratched his head. He tried not to blush over these thoughts, but dang.

“Hello everyone. I see you have survived and are back in the land of the living. Looks like we’re a few people short...” Samantha looked at Moth.


“Uh, well a few of them died. Helix and Alex were both killed by Lan Chorus. Mam.” Moth saved himself from an argument.


“Ah, Lan Chorus. He needs to go down. He’s been bounty hunting us ever since the Fall of Reach. He took out two of our good soldiers from Team Lord. Biggles and Jack of Harts during the events in between.” Samantha gazed off, as if she was remembering all the tragedy he had caused.


“Ah, so what is it you propose Commander?” Paladin stepped forward.


“It’s simple.” Samantha’s smile turned into a wide grin.


Everyone looked at her, even Moth.


“I want you to find and kill Lan Chorus.”


~End of Chapter 11~



Get ready everyone!

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