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If you can't read the video, here's the script:

Good evening soldiers, I am here today to talk to you today about our enemies. The Spambots. See here, we haven’t had a problem with them up until now. They’re evolving, mutating, and taking on different forms. They have even killed some of our fellow friends and members. Today, this stops. The USF Congress has declared war. Vitamin PWN and I have been set out to investigate and recon the Spambots and what they have been up to here lately. Here is the information we have found:

There are 3 new forms of Spambots.

There are Goliaths. These are the toughest of the threats, they can withstand up to anything and have incredible armor that can take a while to even crack through. Their weakness is speed. They are the slowest of the three threats.

There are Krakens. These are neither the toughest nor the fastest. However, in exchange for that, these one’s have a completely different set of abilities. They can fly. They not only can fly, but they have ranged attacks. This is meaning they don’t necessarily have to get up close in combat with you, if they see you first, they can ambush you before you even see them.

There are Wraiths. These ones are the weakest, when it comes to health that is. They have incredible power and speed. They do not fly, but they do not walk. They levitate. We have surveillanced that they also have the ability to improve their speed and attack greatly when they need, however this lasts for a short while. They do have their own active camouflage.


Now that’s all we have seen. Vitamin and I are as ready and eager as you are. So let’s get ready. We are deploying to the planet of Shear, which is the where these Spambots have kindly set up camp. If we can get rid of them, this should be a pushback for them and a great advantage for us.


Who’s with me?


Just join below with the following information, a scoreboard will be enabled.


You can party up with other members, up to 4 members max per squad. The game we will be playing is Evolve. Our first launch date operation is on 7th. All day. Both consoles.



Agent  York, Vitamin PWN, Fishy,


Players: (Solo)


For those of you attending, please post below your results of gameplay with the following information:


Goliaths Killed:

Krakens Killed:

Wraith’s Killed:

Spambots Escaped:

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Prove your valor!


Crush those spambot scum in the name of the USF!

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You're in.


Just an FYI to everyone, you will choose your role in-game, not in here. :3

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I can do this! :3


Gamertag - DarkAngel 343I

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