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I'm Back and Better Than Ever

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Ribbit ><>

Thanks for reminding me, old friend!



Ribbit! <><




Also, anyone see Forum Dinosaur? I still have his requested smiley.

Hopefully it can go viral!




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Welcome back Fishy! ^_^

Thanks. Actually happy to be now. Lol.


Hello man. I have missed you haha. Good to see you made it back to you're fishbowl.

You and I have a LOT of catching up to do. Kinda upset not to see you here very much anymore. <_<


Welcome back Fishy! 


I love reading your Warlord series, keep up the great work!

Thanks. I like writing them, but now they won't be the only thing I'm doing.


welcome back buddy!

Glad to be your teammate again. Hopefully this time there's no tussles. ;)


Welcome back punk.


Hmm smilies eh?

Do you want your own personal smiley? I can get you one. :)

Just make a request on what you want.

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