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UNSC Warlord Book 2 Chapter 4

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~Chapter 4: Disclose~


“Ohhh... Where am I?” He opened his eyes. It was pitch black, and he couldn’t see. Michael reached out to move around. He couldn’t do that either. Was he paralyzed? Was he a vegetable? What was going on?


Wait. What was the last thing Michael remembered? He tried to think...


There was a robot. They were on the run from it. Oh. That’s right. He saved Paladin from being hit by the rocket. The rocket hit just above the entrance, and collapsed the cave. That was all he could remember. Hopefully nothing else happened and he was just knocked out.


There was only way to find out if he was under the rock. All he needed to do was push his way up.

Michael gathered all his strength and forced his arm through what he thought was rock. Pebbles and a few rocks fell down on his suit. His arm was out. Now all he needed to do was, “Just pull myself up...” he said to himself out loud.


With a hard push, Michael arose from the rocks.


The room was darker. The bronze floor was gone.


No wait, the bronze floor was still there. Just covered in rock. How much of that rock wall was destroyed? Eh, it didn’t matter. Michael got up and started to walk back the way he thought he came. This was going to be a long 16 hour trip back to the base.


“Hopefully UNSC Warlord is back with reinforcements...”


~The team~


“Archangel do you see him? I can’t see anything.” Dexter looked over at Archangel. They both laid on their stomachs. Archangel pulled up his sniper scope. They’ve been on the look for Jackson since he left.


“I’m not seeing anything either. We might just want to give up.” Archangel looked away from his scope, and turned his head at Dexter.


Dexter was still on the look down his binoculars. “No. We need to make sure he’s still alive and okay. He could be on the return right now, we need to be prepared for when he arrives.” Archangel rolled his eyes at his response. Although he didn’t object, he returned to look down his scope.


“Guys.” Runner said.

Helix was the only one who looked at her, but he didn’t respond. He had a bad experience the last time that one word sentence was said. He shuddered at the thought.


“I think I found him.” Archangel said. He wasn’t sure. It was very far far away.


“What do you see?” Dexter asked.


“Guys.” Runner said again, but louder.


Frank heard her this time, he got up and walked over to her. “What’s wrong.”


“Oh my god. You won’t believe this.” Archangel looked up from his scope and turned at Dexter.


“What?” Dexter was tired of this bush beating.


“It’s Bek. She’s hurt.” Runner said.


Frank motioned for Junior to come over.


“What’s wrong?” Junior asked Runner.


Runner moved her arm. There was a bullet wound in her left side. “Strange. How did this get here?” Junior moved Runner aside and started to patch the wound.


“It’s the robot. It’s back and it’s fighting Jackson.” Archangel said.


“Move aside,” Dexter commanded and Archangel did. Dexter looked down the scope, “What in god’s name.

That’s not the same robot. That’s another one!” Dexter scolded Archangel for his ignorance.


“Alright. So? We found him. Just like you wanted.” Archangel got up he reached for the sniper rifle.


“The robot just launched a bomb, it’s hovering up Jackson right now!” Archangel grabbed the sniper rifle from Dexter and put it on his back.


“You idiot!” Dexter stood up and got face-to-face with him. Dexter raised his fist to punch the spartan, but before he could even try a tremendous explosion went on.


Everyone turned to the explosion, which is the direction Archangel spotted Jackson. Everyone was silent.


“What was that? It sounded like Frank’s mom just got out of bed! Bahahaha!” Paladin gave himself a good time. Archangel tried not to smile at the joke.


Junior just finished with the wound. He got up and walked over to Dexter.


Runner watched Bek as she slept, she felt sorry for the girl. A tear slipped from her eye. Bek’s did the same.



~End of Chapter 4~






That's it for the boring chapter you guys, lol. Can't always have action or climax points. Gotta throw information in there sometime. Otherwise you wouldn't know what's going on.



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I got shot or something? o_o wow. Fishy, It's not boring. it's a sad chapter. o-o Ik, i'm a fast reader. Can't wait for next chapter! :P

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