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IT'S BAAAAAAACK, I HOPE YOU MISSED IT! Back by popular demand from the rest of the staff telling me to get off my lazy butt and you members is the Weekly News Wrap-Up. These will be every week, and will usually premiere on Saturday or very late Friday if my watch is off. While you might not notice many changes in this issue, there will be a format overhaul in the way we do things, and it won't be JUST news stuff that you'd expect, however, the 3 articles packed in one are sticking. The WNW images will be changing as well, once I get the chance to speak to Austin and Jack of Harts. Anyway, let's go back with a boom! By the way, if you're wondering why this is called the JC15 Edition, it's because JC15 won the spot during the Christmas Raffle, so congrats JC15! Sorry it's late, I'll have a mod link this to you if you don't see it. Unto news!




DayZ Sells Over 3 Million Units! (GameSpot.com)




Yes, you heard that news right, the highly played PC Early Access Survival MMO DayZ has sold over 3 Million units on Steam! Bohemia Interactive, DayZ's developers, announced this and had some kind words to say so fans, thanking them for their support in this early stage of development. 


"You all have helped make DayZ the best open world, zombie survival game. This is an amazing achievement, and we are really looking forward to start sharing with you all of our game design improvements, anti-hack solutions and other optimizations we have been working on for a majority of the last year." ~David Durcack, Project Lead


Impressive numbers are not new for DayZ considering it's amazing reception at launch and the amount it sold in 4 weeks (1/3 of this). The game still has a long way to go though, as it was recently announced that DayZ would be coming to PS4 and likely Xbox One in 2016, with beta issues being ironed out on the PC along the way. Consider purchasing the game now though if you intend to as the price will raise when the game gets out of beta stage sometime in 2015. 


Game Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/221100/


Borderlands 3 Possibly Revealing at PAX South 2015! (IGN.com)




With the recent announcement of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for current gen consoles and the recent release of Tales From the Borderlands, it's shocking that the next game may be on it's way soon. Borderlands 3 could be revealed at PAX South 2015 this year, as hinted from Randy Pitchford, the face of Gearbox and CEO. He slyly hinted at a Borderlands announcement when a fan asked about the sequel, though not confirming the third game. It could be a possible Borderlands 1 remaster as well, but seeing as The Handsome Collection isn't shipping with it, it seems odd for Gearbox and 2K to push two sets of remasters out at once not bundled together. What's also surprising is that Gearbox is currently (maybe not as much as we thought) pouring all resources into a MOBA for consoles called Battleborn, which looks to blend the artsy style of Borderlands with the gameplay reliant on coordination of DOTA. Either way, it will be an exciting year for Borderlands fans, you can be sure of that!


Dying Light Recieves Free DLC For Region Launch Issues! (GameInformer.com)




Games these days are no stranger to launch issues, bugs and glitches, even gamebreaking, are common, but launch issues pushing boxed copies back in release date because of shipping issues aren't as common. Dying Light unfortunately suffered this as the game's retail copies failed to ship properly in some areas and ergo caused a delay. North and South America will still get the game on it's intended release date of January 27th, and digital copies are unaffected in these countries as well, but others may be out of luck for a while. For some reason, the digital versions will be delayed about a day in Europe, Asia, and other regions and physical copies will be delayed for a staggering month! No game has received launch issues like this in a while, which is why the game's developers will be giving out free DLC for the delay. Anyone purchasing the retail game in any country will get the Cuisine & Cargo DLC and the Ultimate Survivor Pack for free, and the best part, the 'Be The Zombie' mode will be free for all, first labelled as a pre-order bonus.


In Other News: Halo: New Blood Announced! (343i.org)




This is what I was speaking about when I said that there would be new stuff, but from now on one piece of member news (News team or plain members, so long as it's not mine) will be added here and given a bit of traction! I hope this helps out people and gives some much needed coverage to the community's articles. Anyway, unto the news!


UNSC Spartan II did a fantastic article today explaining the newly announced Halo short book series known as New Blood. If you loved ODST and want to see Nathan Fillion (and possibly the rest of the cast back), this is going to be good news for you. The novel will follow Buck being offered to join the Spartan IVs, similarly to how Jun was offered, but this time in a combat position. The cover-art shows Buck using a modified SMG of some sort that looks really badass! Check out Spartan's awesome article for the rest and be sure to give him a like and tell him I sent ya!


Staff Highlights: Spring Suggestions! (343i.org)




The final new addition as of yet is the Spring Suggestions thread put up by our fantastic moderator RedStarRocket, will focus on getting YOUR feedback for the future of the forum. Have any suggestions? Head over to the linked and tell us your ideas, if we like it, count on some changes being made. So far, some awesome ideas like the Calendar returning and new member groups are being tossed around, so I cannot wait to see what ideas you have for us and what comes about this spring!


That's about it this week guys, I hope you all really enjoyed this entry, I cannot wait to keep going now into 2015. See you all next time, take care!

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Short, brief, understandable, right to the point? Something I've always loved for an article to have.


Glad to see WNW is back, keep it going!



That Borderlands though. I thought the First was amazing, the second was Up to Par. I didn't like the pre-sequel at all. I pray Borderlands 3 is good. I won't personally be getting it, I'll look at game reviews and fan reviews before I get that one.

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