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Alright, so Axilus already did Spartan Edition (it totally went under the radar for me) which leaves only Spiderman, you, and me as the host of future games.


I already have most of my game completed so I think I should go after Spiderman. Unless you object?

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Feeling allot like the boy who cried wolf here. I apologize for not following through with ideas I've put forward in the past year, but I know for a FACT that these next few games by yours truly are set in stone.


The first is a Mafia game that removes, and introduces quite a few mechanics into the fold. A puzzle, everyone getting a PM: including Civilians, the Detective being removed, 4 Factions with 2 Neutral-like ones, roles having their vote count reduced to 0 if they use their power, etc. This game will be replacing Stand Alone Complex, but carries over things from the previous iteration. It shall be known as Toon Mafia.


The second game - which is actually the one that's coming first, weird - is a totally new game to the forum, but contains the spirit of Mafia... as well as all the crazy hilarious happenstance, and content that Mafia has had over the years. It's practically a celebration not only of Mafia on 343.org, but also a tribute to the members who dwell here. 


Of course this new game isn't COMPLETELY new. Just a reworking of an existing game that has been played as a forum game before: Mario Party. Though the name for this game is Mafia Party. There will be spoofs, goofs, Farmro constructing an Azaxx Death Missile, the Grim Reaper, RNGesus causing chaos, and more.


I don't have the thread ready yet, but I do have the near-finalized logo hopefully to give everyone an idea of what this game's about. :)



Thank you to all who not only have played my games, but partaken in the bandwagon that is Mafia since it's inception here. Here's to another year of Mafia.  :cheers:

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So here's what I got planned so far...


 Mafia: Dragon Ball Z Edition


Previous Mafia Games:

Mafia 1.0: JL

Mafia 2.0: JL

Mafia 3.0: Sikslik7

Mafia Returns: Axilus Prime

Mafia 5.0: Dexter Grif

Mafia 6.0: Yang Xiao Long

Mafia 7.0: Age Of Conflict: Bnus, TheSilverCenturion

The Ultimate Mafia, 8.0: Self Destruct, Yang Xiao Long

Mafia 9.0: Banter Edition: UNSC Spartan II, Ruby Rose

Night of the Living Mafia, 10.0 - Self Destruct, Bnus

Mafia 11.0: Covenant Edition - Axilus Prime, Frankenzer

Mafia 12.0: Self Destruct

Mafia 13.0: Ledgend1221

Mafia 14.0: Ruby Rose

Mafia 15.0: Me


Mafia 16.0: Selfie


Mafia 17.0: Axilus Prime


Mafia 18.0: Yoshi1176

Mafia 19.0: Ruby Rose



The goal of Mafia is this:

Mafia must kill all of the Pro-Town.

Mafia must kill all of the Pro-Town.

Neutral do not win, they can side with Pro-Town or the Mafia and may switch sides at any point.

This must be done while you attempt to keep your identity a secret. The game does not have a time limit, but goes by a Round structure: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, etc.

Once one of the Factions has killed the other Faction they win the game (or when it's almost certain that the other Faction is pretty much backed into a corner/ this does not apply to the Neutrals.)

Game Structure/Rounds:


​ Before the game is started any Special Role will receive their respective Role PMs. A Civilian, however, will NOT receive a PM. From the start Protown Roles get individual PMs, and Mafia will receive a Group PM with all the Mafians in it. Neutral roles will receive individual PM's.

After the PMs are sent the game will begin with the 48 hour wait...

Game Start:

48 hour wait: - Downtime to activate role powers for the following Round, or discuss things in the PMs, or thread. The Mafians must choose one of their own to do the "Execution",and that person appears on the Suspect List. All the Special Roles must reply to their PMs to activate their powers.

1: Execution - The first part of a Round where the Execution/Protection/Investigation takes place.

2: The Suspect List - Where 3 randomly chosen players, and the 1 Mafian who did the Execution reside. Everyone will be allowed to vote for 1 of the 4 people on the Suspect List.

3: The Lynch - The person with the most votes will be killed: they will die, have their role publicly revealed, and become a Ghost. If there is a tie between 2-4 people then it will revert back to a Voting list with just those people, and the voters will have to choose who to die again. If it's still a tie then RNG will choose who shall die.

End of Round 1 (or #)

48 hour wait until the next Round, and the cycle starts over again from #1 above.



North City: (x14)

(x1)Bulma- Investigates one player per round.

(x1)Dende- Can heal someone once a round. If that player was attacked, then their life will be restored. If not, the targeted players vote will be reduced to .5 for the round.

(x12) Civilians- No powers.


(x1) Krillin- Has 2 lives.

Villains (x4)

(x1) Frieza Can only vote, however when he dies he can take someone with him.

(x1)Cell- Has 2 lives, and is better than you in every possible way.

(x1) Majin Buu- Can kill two people in one session, but only once.

(x1) Captain Ginyu- Change, form! Can switch roles/identity with a civilian. Only once, the investigated civilian that was switched with will be shown as a Villain if Bulma investigates. However, if Ginyu is investigated he will  be shown as a Civilian.


Neutral (x3)

(x1) Shenron- On every round that’s a multiple of 3. He can revive a player. 

(x1) Hercule Satan- Can request a PM sent to Cell saying he’s the best and he’s going to kick his sorry butt.

(x1) Beerus- Just here for some dessert, however will interfere if targeted by a player. Can not vote.


- 1 Mafian (the person who did the Execution in a Round, or botched it), and 3 RNG players show up per Lynch.

- You may vote for a fellow Factioner to keep your identity hidden.

- You may PM other players in your attempts to figure out other roles, and further your own plans.

- You may print screen, or screenshot the text featured at the very beginning of your Faction PM to show to others as proof. Do so at your own risk.

- You may add whoever you want to your Role PM.

- You may post fake, or edited proof images, videos, or other content.

- You may screenshot anything, and use it as proof if you wish.

- You may accuse other players of roles within the thread, lie, or call out another role.

- You may post completely irrelevant comments in the thread, and PMs.

- You may reveal, or fake your role.

- Be respectful of other players.

- Please don't flame.

-You may commit suicide

- You may not use information within this game to help you in things out of the game, e.g. "I'll tell you my role if you give me a 48 hour gold trial."

- Keep the negative emotional investment in the game at a minimum to prevent players from becoming angry, or mad at each other. If you're heated go walk it off.

- Do not request me for a role.

- You may not under any circumstances use staff or mod powers, whether they are yours or someone else's, to aid your team.

Edited by Fishy
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So, anything I should edit about my next Mafia game?


Could use some criticism. It's only my second game. :3

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Shenron might be OP.

Tried to make it Goku like every season.


But I fixed it. :3

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Tried to make it Goku like every season.


But I fixed it. :3


Does Dende bring people back to life? If so, why can he do it every round? A dead person is known to be dead by everyone.

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Does Dende bring people back to life? If so, why can he do it every round? A dead person is known to be dead by everyone.

He cannot. All he can do is heal someone who was attacked. Just like a normal medic in previous games.


It's worded bad, I'll fix it for the final.

Edited by Fishy

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Does Beerus stop a lynch or execution if targeted?

Beerus is basically a re-skinned Oracle

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Also, I made an attempt at my banner. May add Hercule and Beerus. Probably won't though.



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Is there a next game?


havent played in a long time lol


Fishy said something in Mafia 22.0 that he wanted to do one, so I guess he's next.


Though that was like a week ago or something.

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