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Halo 4 wont start

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I just tried to start a solo mission of Halo 4, it goes through the start movie with dr. Halsey but then it goes right back to the first menu start halo 4.


Can someone help?

Please help, getting really frustrated and annoyed with the :2guns:  game. I just want to play the game that I paid for.




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It sounds to me as if the game disc is failing to be read past the prologue bink cinematic. Youbmay either have one of those rare faulty discs, or it could be corrupted game install. Best thing to do would be to eliminate each possibility, by uninstalling the game if you installed it, and try running the game directly from the disc.


Obviously if the game plays without issue, then its install related. If not, then you'll know its disc related.

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tried it on another console there its working just fine!! Finally playing! No updates or install needed, not even connected to the internet.


I already deleted the game on the other console.


Thanks for the suggestions, will try tomorrow on the other console

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