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Garry Mercer II

Looking for decent sized Military based clan (MCC)

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Hey man I'm currently a part of a military based Halo: MCC clan called Epsilon fleet. It's a fairly new clan and has around 40 members in it. I'm not sure what a moderate amount of members is to you but that's a rough estimate of how big we are. Once uou join you'll be placed in a squad.We try to get out members that were referred to but another member in the same squad. Since I'm referring you and if you choose to join us you'd most likely be placed in my squad. We have weekly practices with our squads as well as game nights where we branch off into other games to play purely for fun. If you want to know more add me on Xbox or message me.


My gamertag is "paradlse" (no that's not a typo that's an "L" not an "i."


Here's our website for more information if you choose to join.


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