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Destiny Expansion III: The Frigid Gulf (An Idea)

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So, a bit of background on this, I had a few ideas that Destiny could implement to make the game more fun and increase it's lifespan in the form of a new DLC, and there was a lot I had wanted to see in Crota's End that I didn't, so I figured I'd write my thoughts on what I would like to see in future expansions. Anyway, this is never really happening, but enjoy!


Destiny Expansion III: The Frigid Gulf



Six new exotic gear pieces and four new exotic weapons



.       The Unmarked Grave – Exotic machine gun

.       Dying Wind – Exotic hand cannon

.       The Nine’s Fable – Exotic fusion rifle

.       Hush – Exotic pulse rifle



.       The Widow – Exotic gauntlets (Titan)

.       Minotaur’s Conscience – Exotic helmet (Warlock)

.       Jack’s Folly – Exotic helmet (Hunter)

.       Goblin’s Downpour – Exotic helmet (Titan)

.       Exodus – Exotic chest (Hunter)

.       Fame and Fortune – Exotic boots (Warlock)


Two New Strikes


One Man’s Treasure [level 28]


On the frozen shores of Europa, a fallen ketch lays dead in the frigid waters with treasures untold, however still guarded by a sleeping kell.


After arriving at the ketch, the first part of the strike is to get through a hatch at the top, which is relatively easy as there is no enemy forces sitting atop, however the second level is guarded by two indestructible fallen turrets. You must deploy your ghost into a nearby console to shut down the turrets, which is difficult as the console is amid the path near the turrets, and the second you are spotted you are fired on. This makes teamwork in this strike key as you need players to distract the turrets while you reach them. Once these turrets are shut down, the hard part begins.

You reach a circular arena area, with a pod sitting in the middle. Suddenly, the walls burst, doors opening with older fallen, these fallen looking much different and more high tech than their future scavenger counterparts. Destroying these troops will prompt you to psychically open the middle pod, and when your guardian opens it, prepare to battle. Out comes a kell, Karok, dual wielding shotguns and with a roar, he stomps to the ground, his AI pursuing you with rage. It will take teamwork and time, but Karok can be brought down, as he drops two loot chests in his wake. Opening these chests can grant any sort of reward that is a legendary or above. After this, the strike is done.


The Nine's Task [level 32]


The Nine have issued you on a perilous journey deep within Europa’s snowy wastelands. Under an old colony base lies what is believed to be a vex hive centuries old. Your mission is to destroy these vex and what is controlling them before they awaken and march unto Europa’s surface.


Arriving at the entrance of the base, you and your fireteam dig down into the base’s science center, where a few precursor vex and a precursor goblin are stationed. Fighting these vex off, you deploy your ghost and he unlocks a jammed door, only to enter into a room with a vex hydra absorbing energy from a nearby console, protected by quite a few precursors. The hydra, named crusader, has a full shield so you must use a nearby EMP cannon, which charges slowly but completely drops his shields for some time. After he is defeated, you discover he was attempting to relay information deeper below the station, and your ghost hacks an elevator, sending you into the frozen depths of Europa. In the icy cavern, many precursor vex goblins stand, seemingly inactive. As you dig down, you see more and more precursors frozen in this state, and reach the conflux room, in the middle of the room where currents run in a small cylindrical power core, firing on this unleashes the final boss.

A mechanical roar is heard and one of the frozen rocky walls bursts open, a light blue precursor gatelord named arkyon, wielding a large vex slap rifle emitting a purple shot to the normal red one and doing void damage. He is supported by a legion of harpies with the same distinctive blue tone known as spitfires. Destroying the gatelord first is critical as he can spawn for spitfires which can grow into immense numbers. Once both are dead, your ghost reveals that the rest of the vex are awakening, and teleports you out in a cinematic cutscene with you and your fireteam.


Three new story quests and many new bounties


Frozen Hell – you are called upon by Kaliber, a member of the nine to investigate a crashed awoken ship on Europa’s frozen over coral reef.

 When you arrive, fallen are already scavenging the ship, littered with dead awoken and loot. You fend off the scavengers until you reach the ship’s cockpit door, locked, with a baron named Xylus and a group of vandals trying to get in. You eliminate these fallen and bust the door open in a cinematic cutscene, finding Kaliber at the helm, wielding a fallen dreg by the neck and crushing it, silencing him. He gestures you to leave as the mission finishes.


Quarry’s End – Kaliber reports that the ship has sunken through Europa’s frozen ocean into a deep quarry, and the vex have made it their home. Your job is to board the ship and eliminate the ship’s reports which could spell the end of the nine.


  To reach the ship, you have to jump through the extremely large hole, which would kill you on impact unless you boost at the right time so caution is key. Landing on top of the now decimated ship, your ghost cuts a hole into the ship at the main hall, and when you jump in you are attacked by a group of goblins with a frozen appearance as their metal is much more silver and they are slower than usual. Killing these vex, you navigate to the engineering room, and a group of four hydras lay, siphoning power. These will not attack you unless you catch the gaze of a security camera, which emits a long blue light, so you should be able to see it. Sneaking by, you enter the log room and deploy your ghost, taking the information. A mechanical roar screams through the ship as a gatelord named arkyon blasts open one of the doors and enters, you need to make haste and get out of the ship the same way you came in as your ghost warns you that the vex are awakening throughout the ship due to seismic activity below Europa. Getting out through the hatch by jumping, you reach the top of your ship, and through the tunnels in the cavern, an extremely large hive ogre appears, Tagoth, the pet of Evyx. The creature blasts its large stream of bright blue light at the ship, blasting a giant hole in it shaking the ground. As it makes a dash at the ship to tear it apart, your ghost teleports you out.


The Myth of The Nine – One final order is issued by Kaliber straight from The Nine, to eliminate the fallen kell that betrayed The Nine and killed one of their agents, this is your chance to end the House of Kings.


The mission opens on a frozen colony bridge on Europa, fallen and vex battling it out as the bridge dangles, barely surviving the harsh snow and combat. You must rush through the forces to the kell, named Krosis, seen commanding the troops from atop a spider tank, making the tank look small in comparison to his brutish size. When he sees you, his tank pulls back, opening a fallen field that cannot be pierced by bullets or entered. To take down this shield, you must eliminate the two fallen walkers on the bridge with siphons at the top. After doing this, the shield goes down and the walker retreats back, supporting the kell as he fights you, a sword in one hand and a sniper in the other. Only after taking out the support tank can Krosis be killed, though he can still attack you. After a long fight Krosis is eliminated by your hand, and the bridge begins to collapse, fallen and vex beginning to slide off, you must run up as fast as possible to a nearby ledge, as your ghost prepares to summon your ship. Once you reach the ledge, a cutscene begins and your guardian jumps from the ledge unto your ship, just barely making it as you fly away, the wreckage of the bridge behind you. Completing this mission unlocks a legendary auto rifle named ‘The Nine’s Spirit’ that fires explosive rounds instead of having arc, void, solar, or kinetic damage.

One New Raid

The Roar of God – deep below Europa, evyx lives, leading the hive tunneling through the planet to it’s core and exhausting it of it’s resources, as well as preventing our reclamation. You and a team of 12 guardians must tunnel below and face a hive god that has destroyed an entire world.[level 32]

  *(This mission must be played by 12 people, no more, no less.)


Arriving at the same hole in the ‘Quarry’s End’ mission, you must venture down deep below to the now desolate area with only burnt wreckage lying about. You must then destroy a fallen outpost below to steal three devil walkers that can be operated by two players each. These are essential to opening a hole into Eryx’s home. Taking out the base, led by a group of barons, you board the tanks from an opening in the back, and one player must drive the slow vehicle while the other guns. The other six players are responsible for eliminating the fallen on the way. Soon after, you reach a large cavern with waves of hive coming that require a fallen hardlight shield which must be taken from a nearby ketch. Your tanks need to fire on the ketch and get it lower, which will allow you to scale rock formations and board. Once on, a team of about three must enter the engine room and grab it, leaving as fast as possible. The shield needs to be operated by three people as well, so take that into account. Getting to the ground, once you have the shield a large platoon of wizards will enter the cavern and make a rush for your team, first, the center player must deploy the first part of the shield, and two beams will extend from both the left and right sides of the shield, two small triangular figures on both ends. Then, the other two must also deploy these two to fully activate the shield, and they must hold it for as long as possible, which drains health from the three slowly but steadily. This forces the team to use the shield wisely and only when needed. You will hear a roar after a certain amount of waves and you can relax as the waves stop and that is your signal to move forward.


Now the tanks are no longer needed, and must be abandoned, so feel free to leave them. Near the end of the cavern, a hive designed console sits, activating this will open a hive door near the top of the cavern, getting there requires skillful scaling of the wall’s rock. Each member of the raid team must individually scale the pieces of rock carefully to reach the opening. Once there, you must travel through the small tunnels into a large room where fallen bodies lay, trapped in the pavement in the ground. These fallen’s eyes will soon glow green, signaling the next phase, the room begins to close upon itself, no opening in sight, this requires a titan with the ward of dawn ability as when he deploys it the door will struggle against it and push back upward, giving you time to exit to the other door in the room, however, to get all twelve out it might take two ward of dawns consecutively, depending on the speed of the team. But if one single player dies in the closing room, he cannot respawn for the rest of the raid unless the team restarts from the last checkpoint. After this phase, the final phase begins.


You reach a throne room, a hive wizard sitting on the throne, Evyx, the daughter of Oryx. Two doors open next to the wizard, her bodyguards, the hive knights emerge, both carrying cleavers with a dark energy upon them. These hive are nearly invincible, can only be effected by solar damage, and will instantly kill you and prevent your respawn if they hit you. Staying high and far away from the knights is best as your team uses solar to take them both out. When the two are killed, the wizard summons Tagoth to destroy you. He is the last guard standing in your way, and you must kill him by using the environment such as falling rocks which you will be notified of. After the colossal creature is dead, Evyx stands and sends a shockwave out into your team of twelve, teleporting six random players to the moon as the six must fend off hive whilst the other half weakens the wizard, and after enough hits, the six sent off will return, one cursed with ‘The Nomad’s Folly’ in a short time the player will explode and die, and this damage will stun Evyx if used at the right time. When that player is dead he cannot return, so be aware of that and make every shot count. Teleportation will happen about three more times before Evyx grants all players ‘The Vision of Oryx’ in a last ditch effort, which will stun guardians into place, meaning you can only turn your head and gun, not move or jump. In one final effort, Evyx will die from enough damage and the curse will be lifted, granting players new raid gear or one of the above exotics.


And yeah, that's my idea for the third expansion. Let me know what you think, questions, comments, and criticism are always welcome. Peace out ladies and gentlemen.



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Good ideas I really like them. :)


But if Destiny is going to survive they are going to need much more content that this.


At least 10 new strikes. 3 new raids. 12 new Pvp maps. 2 new Patrol areas ( 2 new planets ) One whole new enemy.


Now that is a decent expansion.


Destiny is an mmo and needs an mmos worth of content.

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I like it, i like it. 


I really like the idea of driving the Devil Walkers. 


What about introducing a Vex equivalent of a Devil Walker, that'll be cool.


But apart from that i really like it :D



Do you plan to do any more of these? 

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Cool ideas mate. I would change the new raid name, "Roar of God" isn't epic enough in my opinion and reminds me too much of religion haha. Maybe Roar of the Ancient, Roar of the Primordial, something like that.


Anyways yeah I love imagining what future expansions / story missions could be! I have my own ideas as well! Personally I'd love to see some sort of wildlife AI, maybe some animal that isn't controlled / sided with any known sentient species.

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