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Halo: Nightfall - Thoughts?

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So, Nightfall just ended. I don't know what you guys think and I'm curious.


Personally, I was actually...underwhelmed. It was the most predictable story to ever carry the name Halo. And it was lacking on the action front too.

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The only thing I find annoying is that they didn't bother to tell us what happened to the Bioweapon tested on Sedra. What happened to all those people? Did they get cured? Locke is shown walking around on there so it's safe to assume that the Bioweapon didn't last for long, but a good explanation would have been nice.


That's all I can think of. Everything else about the show was fine to me. It' delved into more philosophical things like the power of life & death, and when the time for someone to make the hard choices begins. But who? Who gets to survive, and who gets to die? I already knew Locke was going to be the one who lives, but I liked how he still volunteered to stay behind. Very gritty.


I also like how they kind of strayed from having too much influence from the Spartans. They were mentioned (including the Chief) a few times, but not too much. Randall was a former Spartan, but didn't affiliate himself with the people who made him who he became.

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I actually liked it.



The story was kinda predictable here and there but I thought Aiken and Locke would survive (making Aiken come back in Halo 5) and that Macer, after making the descision to draw straws, would be left behind.

The scenes where Aiken puts down the 3rd white ball and him walking with the Havoc to the top of the hill were beautiful.


Oh yeah and those ONI guys were outright -Yoink!-

They deserved everything that happened to them (except for the guy that fell off the cliff)



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