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UNSC Warlord Epilogue

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A loud sound came from the engine room. Destroyer was alone. Everyone else was in the mess hall. The sound came again. This time it was louder. Destroyer quietly walked his way over to the engine room. He looked behind him, afraid he was being watched. Nothing. He put in his authorization code. Denied.

Destroyer felt for the authorization key he grabbed from Sarge’s body. He slid it into the slot. Accepted. The door slowly slid open. Each inch it opened, Destroyer felt his skin get hotter and hotter. Finally, the door slid open at an incredible speed. Destroyer entered the room. The door slid shut and locked behind him. He noticed something about the door. The door panel was damaged, he couldn’t get out that way. In search for the noise, he went into the room where the engines were stored. There it was.

The slipspace drive was seared in flames and the wires were scorched around it. Destroyer ran over to the control panels for the engines. He applied the extinguishers and everything he could to put out the flames. It worked. The slipspace was still at work and ran fine. Destroyer went to exit the room.

No. There was no way to get out from the inside, he was stuck in this room. He would have to radio Moth or Alex if he wanted out. Destroyer went over to the radio console. It was damaged, he couldn’t reach anyone. Why out of everything did I forget my ODST suit at a time like this? Destroyer thought to himself.

Just then he remembered. He had a small stress beacon. Would it work in Slipspace? He could try to communicate to the others with it. He turned it on. Was this some sort of coincidence? The Slipspace Drive fell off the platform and crashed through the bottom of the ship, it left a massive hole. Destroyer just gaped as the Slipspace Drive fell into the ships shields. It knocked the shields offline.

Destroyer quickly went to activate his stress beacon. He pulled it out and pressed the button. The signal was sent. He turned around.

He walked right into an Energy Sword.

He collapsed.

His last moments were of him being drug over to the railing. The Elite was cloaked, all he could see was the energy sword.

“You’re ships end is here.” The elite said as he threw Destroyer at the massive pit.

~The End of Book 1~

Book 2 is still being decided!
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That was a great story! I look forward to a book 2. 


Glad to see everyone got out safely... oh wait. lol

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