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Axilus Prime

Post-H4 cutscene at the beginning of H2A, Cairo Station and Regret gameplay

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So I came across this video, and I couldn't help but share it with all of you.



This is the full first level of H2A, with the cutscenes at the beginning and end. So you get to see the amazing redone versions of that whole intro sequence, one of my favorite scenes from the original H2. But before that is a completely new cutscene set after Halo 4! It features Locke, the Arbiter, and a few Elite Majors.


It's very interesting to say the least. The Arbiter's post-H4 look I find rather silly, but maybe that's just me.



And here is...part of the level Regret. It has the beginning cutscene, but for whatever reason this guy didn't finish the level. Still, it's about 18 minutes of H2A, should still be enjoyable.

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