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Hey everybody,Im a Captain of a Squad in a Clan known as NGO or NeomorphicGamingOnline :) Right now we have about 200 members,and we only started our clan a month ago!!Our Clan has 9 squads which are named.NGO TRIDENT NS and NGO VICE AF(COD Black Ops 2 Squads,NGO TRIDENT NS is my squad),NGO COMA NS and NGO VOLTAGE DC(Halo Reach Squads),NGO INDUSTRY AR(Halo 4 Squad),NGO NEMESIS AR(GTA V Squad),NGO MINER MC(Minecraft Squad),NGO RELOAD SO(Battlefield Bad CO. Squad),and NGO LIBERTY MC(COD Ghosts Squad).If you would like to join any of these squads,comment on this post or contact our Founders:NGO KING FO and NGO KAMIKAZE FO.We even have a website,if youd like to check it out then visit:NeomorphicGamingOnline.com!!Were,as most call it,a Gaming Community for all :) We host Tournaments every month where you can win Microsoft Points,Xbox Memberships,Rare Avatar Items etc.


Please Contact me or my Founders on Xbox 360 if you have more questions or comment on this post!!





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