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Quick Screen Contest Season 2!

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Quick Screen Contest


Hey 343i Community Forum Fans! I am back and the Quick Screen Contest is back for Season 2! If you are new to the contest, this is all about the posting any of your Halo in game screenshot with a caption on it that fits the theme within the given time. Best Halo screenshot & caption wins! To start the 2nd Season the theme is Double Trouble, the screenshot must have your character and a teammate in some type of action performance. The screenshot can be from any Halo game. 

Only ONE Picture and Caption entry per person (you may change your screenshot and caption).


CONTEST ENDS: 9/24/2014 at 11:59PM EST.

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Dear sarge, kicking butt in outer space


Wish you were here!


~Photo taken by: Senguie

~Photo of: Senguie & Unease P34nut

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And the winner of this weeks Quick Screen Contest is...


Unease P34nut


Congrats P34nut for winning the first part of Season 2 Quick Screen Contest!


Stay tuned for the next Contest announcement shortly.

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