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343iCF Weekly Site Wrapup 9/15/14

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Hey guys if anyone asks it's only been a week since we last did this...
Primary Announcement: Catch up on a few important announcements by following the links below:



First Halo: Master Chief Collection Community Event



On the first day the Master Chief Collection comes out, Community Moderator TheSilverCenturion is going to be hosting an Event for the game. If you can't make it then be sure to catch it LIVE on our Twitch channel named 343CommunityForumVisit the announcement for more details.


Everyone who attends official Community Events gets the Gamer Awardparticipate.png

View the Community Event Calendar for this month by clicking the title of the section.




343i Short Story Contest


The ever monthly Short Story Contest is underway with your judges from the Event Management TeamD-38 Boss and Cooliest,Community Moderator BeckoningZebra1, and our Site Moderator RedStarRocketRead up on rules and guidelines here.


September Caption Contest


Don't forget to participate in the monthly Caption Contest run by Cooliest. This is this month's picture above. 

Winners of the Caption Contest get the Captioneer AwardCaptioneer.png




Here's an oldie with a member by the name of Nova. Inactive but not forgotten.
Featured Map
There are more screens to look at, unfortunately not in better quality, but definitely more in new member Pazx's map submission thread. This is a glimpse of Capstone by Pazx who's been quite enthusiastic about posting his maps here lately. Might see more of him here in the future.
Battlefield 4: Last Stand DLC 
Unease P34nut provides us with the trailer for the new upcoming Battlefield DLC. Find the trailer and even more by taking a gander at P34nut's article.
Destiny Ships $500 Million Worth of Copies
Yep. 500 million dollars worth of copies shipped. Read up about it in Edward Kenway's article.
Halo: Escalation Issue 13 Announced
It has been brought to our attention by Member of the Month, Blake BellaMoMa, that the next issue of Dark Horse's Halo: Escalation will be released at the end of the year. When exactly? Find out that and read the description by visiting his article.
Mafia 6.0
I didn't go back and check to see if Mafia had made it into the Hot Topic before but it's clear why this made it here. This is a very active and very fun forum game and it's on it's 6th go. Mind you this game takes weeks to finish. You should try to search for BZ's death in there, it's quite funny.
Ok I know there's been tons of confusion lately like who are these people with new colors? Guys don't worry. It's just the Event Management Team. So now: 
Cooliest is Cooliest
D-38 Boss is D-38 Boss
and Sikslik7 is Sikslik7
I hope that cleared things up for you guys.
And don't forget to give your answer to BZ's Weekly Community Poll. This week's question:
Which non-Halo 4 vehicle should return in Halo 5?
Don't answer here though, visit the WCP by clicking the banner above.
Above is the beautiful ladies' man Church unveiling his Destiny: Ghost Edition from its beautiful box. Problem: he got it for PS4.. Church gives you his greatest contribution to the site since joining with his Destiny Ghost Edition Unboxing Video. Sweet features. Watch to find out what they are or just to see what Church looks like in real life.
Thanks for reading, now scroll back up and read it all over again.


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Another fantastic wrap-up Drizzy. These are always fun and enjoyable to read!


Oh.. almost forgot...


Just gonna leave this here...






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Nice wrapup Dan. Good to see these are becoming regular.

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Slam. Packed.


Huge amount of content to go through, good job D_D


(A message to those playing mafia 6.0)


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