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created by Zandril S312


Cypher is an asymmetric, competitive map designed for 2v2 games. It's been inspired by Sovereign, Noro, Titan, and Haven.
-Sniper Rifle | 90s respawn | 0 spare clips | Doesn't spawn at start
-Concussion Rifle | 120s respawn | 0 spare clips | Doesn't at start
The map has a fairly interesting design. Action is spread throughout the map because players are encouraged to move around instead of staying in one spot.
No area is too strong because of the many flanking routes offered to players.
The strongest position in the map is top blue. However, it's not too strong because it's very open and there are two positions in the map that can counter it quite well.
Top blue can be countered from afar by top red and enemy players can push up using top Gold.
Don't fall in the acid.
Many thanks to those who've helped with the map.
-Not Auburn
-guy mandude66

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Wow Dude, It's A Really Rarely Handy Environment And I Seriously DObligate People Everywhere to play this map.

ǝdop sı ɐǝɥɹɹɐıp :ɹǝʍsuɐ


^That was really difficult to do.^  -.-


On a serious note, really cool use of pieces and geometry. Cant wait to try it out with a couple of friends.

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-Changed the size of one of the hills.

-Minor aesthetic changes.

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Great looking map Zandrill. I love these maps that just look extremely smoothed out.


A sniper rifle and concussion rifle are very interesting power weapon pair and I am very curious of how well they are utilized in game.


I know I am particuallary late to the party since this was released a few months ago, but congratulations, I would love to see some 1v1 combat on this map.

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