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!!MINIGAME!! You will lol for Hours Best minigame ever MUST TRY!!#@

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Built for the maximum in a mini game  experience consists of a small room with one invincible mongoose that you must capture to score points use your mad hijacking skills and sticky detonators to remove your enemy from the presapice


Includes as fallows;


-1 invincible mongoose


-up to 4 players


-10000000000p HD graphics


-Unlimited Ammo 


-Unlimited Assignations


-Fast paced with low re-spawn time


-And no wait to get back in the action


Side effects of playing this mini game include but are not limited to;


-Adrenaline high


-Lack of breath due to epicness


-Rage due to more epic friends


-Relief due to easy associations


-Head aches due to addiction to playing this mini game




-c rated games


-horrible sticky detonator skillz  


-lack of experience driving a mongoose




-heart disease


-are dead or will become dead in the next 48 hours


This mini-game is not for everyone ask your doctor if sticky party is right for u 



stickey party.zip

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steps to play

note:must have horizon to play this

1. unzip the zip file 

2. use horizon to put mini game on a configured flash drive 

3. copy to xbox and play

4.  repeat if necessary  


please leave a comment if u like this

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Seems legit. Also I have diabetes so I can't play this :(

lol... i did not mean that but please tell me what you think if you do play that

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you don't need horizon to play this map. just upload the game type and map to your fileshare thats kinda how it works

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