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A couple of questions for all of you.

Question 1: What do you think The Arbiter's HUD (Ammo Counter, Radar, Helmet Decals, etc.) will look like in Halos: 2, 3, and Guardians?

Question 2: Would you like to see both the TrustySnooze falcon and the generic Reach Falcon brought back in guardians?

Question 3: Would you like to have either Hayabusa or Raider armor as a Waypoint Unlockable?

Question 4: Would you like to be able to make your OWN, PERSONAL armor whether it be intimidating or silly in multiplayer that only YOU can possess and tinker with as you please in multiplayer?

Question 5: Would you like to be able to have your emblem on your elite character again like in Halo 3?


Thanks for answering, ladies and gentlemen.

-Sincerely, The Men and Women at TeamHostileTakeover Machinima and Commentary


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  1. Arbiters HUD will be like how it was, in the games. Guardians we know nothing about though.

  2. I'd prefer the Hornet personally, best small aircraft for Multiplayer.

No, I want Hayabusa unlocked how it was in Halo 3, by getting all the skulls. Raider I don't care for, looks like crap.

Nope, because that's making a significant change to the games, Halo CE:A and Halo 2:A are remakes, and H3/4 are only been up'd to 1080p/60fps, they're not getting game changing additions.

That's what will happen, because it's the same game essentially.

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