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Hello Everybody, I am TheRedEyedDevil and I Forge Halo 4 racetracks.  I have finished 45 racetracks and am pushin for 100 before the Halo 5 release.


Current Projects:


Difficulty Unknown

P 4 Pop-Up-Picture

H 4 Halotracks

W 4 Wormhole

Smooth Ride

Collsion Fusion 2

T 4 Transport SX v2


Besides making racetracks, I also make Mario Kart remakes such as the 4 batle mode maps off of Mario Kart 64.  I also enjoy playing competitve gametypes with friends and testing competitive maps as well as racetracks in halo 4.  Although I make racetracks, I don't really enjoy racing in tournaments, I only like to race with friiends for fun, not stress.


I have 2 youtube channels:  TheRedEyedDevil & ForgeHaloRecetracks (Recetracks is spelt with e because I mispelled it by accident)  My main channel is TheRedEyedDevil, this is where I post all my creations.  My other Channel ForgeHaloRecetracks or FHR for short is my professional channel where I do map reviews and other fun stuff.  I haven't decided if I will ever post any of my sfuff up thier or not.  If I do, I will either do a showcase or upload my favorates in video montage. 


(And yes I do have favoarates, I do admit not all my maps are good, but the last 15 or so have been prettty decent, my personal favoarates are as follows:  SKYTRACKS (4TH), Collision Fusion, T 4 Transport SX, A 4 Alienation, Infectious Lagoon, Holy Waters, Stunt Jocky, Gold Peak SX, Colloidal Fever, and TRED's 45th.


Besides video games, thier's not that much to tel.  I have a B.S. degree in computer science and haven't started my career yet.  I am very good at Billards Pool.  Ironically I love swimming in the pool, not to big of fan of the beach, although body boarding was bun until I threw up.  I have also been nee boarding and inner tubbing which are both very fun until skip across the water like a rock.  I also enjoy running and cycling, although latly I havn't been very active with it.  Being that I am strightedge and really enjoy forging on halo 4, I don't really have any use for socializing with many people, so really the only friends I have are from xbox or from college.

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I've seen many of your maps from moving so many to the new ForgeCafe Map Library! Glad to see you on our site TRED, hope you post some of your maps here in our submission forums!

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