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Hey guys. After my first try at fan fiction (Life or Dishonor), I'm back for another try, which will hopefully be better and cooler! This whole thing is (obviously) not official canon by any means, and will probably go against a bit of the canon (for example, Hyar not actually being a colony). So that's the general bit.


It is the early years of the Human-Covenant War. Spartans are scarce, and so are ships capable of defending Earth's colonies. Hyar is a planet in the far flung system Orion Eta, and has little chance of survival, now that the Covenant have found it. However, the few ships in orbit, the Freezerburn, Witching Hour, and Archangel will fight to the end with the Covenant, who are searching for something on the planet's surface. Their small contingent of Marines and few battle capable citizens must fight overwhelming odds to find the Forerunner artifacts on Hyar before the Covenant do.


How will the humans survive on Hyar without a Spartan to save them?



So that's it basically. Check back, as I'll be posting new snazz and jazz (the story) in bits and pieces. Stay tuned for some Hyar! And stuff!

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It's a good start but three ships and some marines won't stop the covenant. Try adding more UNSC so they crisply have a chance. Just so that it's believable the covenant could take out those three ships with one ship depending on the class.

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So, here's what I've got so far. Sorry this first bit is a little late in coming.



Chapter 1- Freezerburn


     Captain Rogers knew they were doomed the instant the Covenant destroyer dropped out of Slipspace. There were only three ships on station at Hyar- the Freezerburn, a destroyer; the Witching Hour, a frigate; and the Archangel a stealthed ship from the ONI Prowler Corps. And as every good nava officer knew, one Covenant ship was worth at least three UNSC ships. With his orders in effect, Rogers knew, there would actually only be two UNSC vessels on station. Archangel had been specifically ordered to show itself for nothing. Rogers would keep the vessel stealthed, no matter what happened, said the steel in him. But the civilian told him that he needed to fire on the Covenant, to send down air support to the planet below, to help his fellow humans. But he knew he couldn't. Archangel's work was too important. 


     He was no spook, but from what little the ONI officers had been able to tell him, the information being gathered on Hyar was vital to ending the war with the Covenant. He had no idea what they were even getting information from- Hyar was just a normal colony, as far as he could see. But he also knew that there were ONI officers far outranking him on this ship, and any attempt to reveal the Archangel would be shut down immediately. 


     Outside the window, the Freezerburn turned in orbit to engage the Covenant destroyer. The Witching Hour performed maneuvers too, but theirs were evasive, to get a good MAC shot at the ship's belly. The Covie ship's lateral lines glowed, charging with latent plasma about to fire through space on one of the ships. For a second, Rogers' heart skipped a beat- it had looked like the destroyer was aiming at the Archangel. But the plasma launched and rocketed towards the Freezerburn. A rush of relief filled Rogers, but guilt as well- survivor's guilt. 


     But he quickly realized his mistake. The Covenant destroyer had not been attempting to destroy the Freezerburn at all- only cripple it so the other ship- a cruiser- could Slip in unharmed. The cruiser fired its engines and heaved itself away from the combat as two mass driver slugs simultaneously hit the destroyer, which by now was surrounded by a mist of Phantom, Lich, and Spirit dropships and Seraph fighters. 


     The fighters and dropships were moving towards the Freezerburn and landing on exposed sections of the vessel's innards. Meanwhile, the Covenant destroyer was crumbling to pieces, listing down into Hyar's upper atmosphere. The cruiser was making a much more graceful descent towards the planet, landing on a small continent near the equator. What it was after, Rogers could only guess, but the Covenant only landed if they wanted something on the surface. 


     First and foremost, however, he needed to get support to Freezerburn. It had vital assets on board, including Marines, probably some of the only ones in system. They needed to be saved before those Covenant ******** landed and killed them all. Rogers turned to the SHIPCOM mike on his right and issued an order to the whole ship. 


     "Archangel, this is your captain speaking. Gear up, ship out, and help those unlucky soldiers on the Freezerburn. We are fighting for Hyar- till the last!"


     Rogers' order relayed through lower ranked COs, who turned them into actual directions, and five minutes later space capable Pelicans, Longswords, and prototype Albatross landers were speeding over to assist the Freezerburn. Rogers contacted Witching Hour via FLEETCOM. 


     "UNSC Witching Hour, this is Archangel. Do you read?" A drawling voice came through- Witching Hour's captain, Daniel Merriman.


     "Yes, Archangel, we hear you. You kept pretty quiet through that fight. Scared, Rogers?"


     "Just following orders. Can you provide assistance to the Freezerburn? Our limited amount of ships might not be enough. Hopefully they have some on board."


     "Yes, Rogers. We're sending them in now. Permission to pursue the cruiser? Captain?" Merriman spat the last word, spiteful of Rogers' orders that kept him from helping in the space battle, perhaps dooming the Freezerburn. But Rogers' had his orders, whatever Merriman thought. 


     "Negative. We will regroup once the Freezerburn has been salvaged and attack with our full force."


     "Even the Archangel, Mr. Orders?"


     "Even the Archangel." Whatever his orders said, Rogers would do his best for Hyar.


     "Then we have a deal, Captain Rogers."


     Rogers snorted. "You have no right to make deals with me." The FLEETCOM shut off, a new voice chimed in.


     "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." It was Cook, the smart AI in charge of the Archangel's operations- even the ones Rogers didn't know about.


     "Shut up, Cook. He had a reason to be angry." Rogers knew that by the time the ships got to the Freezerburn, the majority of the Marines would be dead. 


     And Timothy Jenkins agreed.


Well, thanks for reading it, if you did. Note that the Albatross is an actual Halo thing, official canon and all of that snazz and jazz. Feel free to post comments and such about my writing.

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