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{Blue Team}{Mods Please Read} Blue Team Into Hiding

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Hello to Moderators and other Members,


If the recent trouble between Blue Team and Shadow Team has annoyed you/concerned you, The Blue Team, has gone into Hiding for a while and will come back fresh calm and peaceful.


Message to Moderators : 


I am sorry on behalf of the Blue Team, of all the trouble we have caused you, this will be the final Blue Team thread for now and if anyone except from you Moderators post in it i wish for the posts to be deleted, i have posted this to keep peace.


So if anyone posts in this thread except from Moderators or Twam, can you delete the post please, thank you in advance.


Now Blue Team will go into hiding for a while until this issue has been sorted out, after it has i will edit this thread and ask for permission for us to post and this will be our Thread from now on, any others please delete.


I hope Shadow Team does the same thing and goes into hiding until all these matters have been sorted out.


And i will say again i am sorry for the trouble that both teams have caused you.



Thank You - Please do not post unless you are a Moderator Or Twam, if you need information please send me a Private Message - Thank You





Blue Team will return....





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