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Shadow Team Thread (Starting Fresh)

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Hello!! I see you have stumbled upon the new Shadow Team Thread, And as you all know... (Not all of you, But you all get it. :3) I, The Dumb Marine have ownership. So I thought, Hey! Why not start out fresh?


Dear all of 343iCF, I know there have been some minor or major (However you see it) difficulties in the past. I want to tell you all that it will not happen again, As Pbrabbit have already began talking, And much planning. For now, We just let the burns simmer and rebuild. :)




Being A Team


So, Being a team. In Shadow team, It is best to help out your clan mates as much as you can, If you can't figure it out, Don't be afraid to ask. We will have each others backs in everyday life, Well... That would be cool if it were a literal thing, But you know, Distance is a pain. In other words, Always be sure to put your friends first! :)



The Enemy


Mainly rogue covenant groups, As the main group is under control by the Arbiter. May wanna becareful for Brutes, Forerunners, The Flood, Some rebels in this case, And installation monitors that want to wipe our existence clean from all edges of the universe. Or galaxy at least.




Community Events


Community events!! Yes, We will definitely have these, Due to the fact that I am a fun loving guy, (And who doesn't like fun?) We can have events for photos, maps, or just play dates in general. We need to get some events out there if anything.



Member Specialty


Member specialty is frankly a simple concept, What ever you are best at in play dates, or special artistic events, Is what you are mainly labeled as! For example: Artist, Driver, Close Quarters, Pilot, Assassin, Etc.




Well... We are using Halo: Reaches ranking system which I shall list here:


Private, Private grade 1,

Sergeant, Sergeant Grade 1, Sergeant Grade 2,

Warrant Officer, Warrant Officer Grade 1, Warrant Officer Grade 2, Warrant Officer Grade 3,

Major, Major grade 1, Major grade 2, Major grade 3,

Lt. Colonel, Lt. Colonel Grade 1, Lt. Colonel Grade 2, Lt. Colonel Grade 3,

Commander, Commander Grade 1, Commander Grade 2, Commander Grade 3,

Colonel, Colonel Grade 1, Colonel Grade 2, Colonel Grade 3,

General, General Grade 1, General Grade 2, General Grade 3, General Grade 4,

Field Marshall,















Warrior Servant



Life Worker








(That is... Alot...)




Simple! We are recognized by our names, Our ranks, and of course our specialty, No worrying about changing emblems, colors, or armor.







Communication is key, Whether on the battle field or on the forums. This thread is one way of contact, While the PM is the other.


How To Join


All you need to do is pledge to Shadow team, And be loyal to the Shadows, You need to respect your clan mates as well as other clan members. Other than that, Your all good.




Any questions? Just PM and I'll answer you as soon as possible! :)


Best regards, And happy lurking! - The Dumb Marine

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Good luck! It looks pretty structured which is good. The main down fall of the last one was that we didn't do any community events. If you can make that happen this could go far.

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In best wishes to all of your projects, but I can't join, I am a member of FTG (a very massive Halo/COD gaming community).

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Whoa.i leave for a week and now I'm not apart of shadow team???? Wtf! Yoshi call me NOW!!!!!!! You never got my agreement or CONSENT and worst you didn't TELL ME

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Well everyone, Due to the fact that members are starting to leave due this whole new leader thing/Team thing in general, I am shutting down Shadow Team, Not because I really want to, To be honest. But because we can't lose members from an amazing community. This thread shall be locked, And all members in Shadow Team will be eject from the PM's as the PM will be deleted. I hate for it to come to this, But think about the good friends we are losing.


Best regards -TDM

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