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the clan is owned by me halokitty. we have over 40 current members and we havent been up for that long. we are recruteing but for how long is unknown. we are a friendly clan. we dont go looking for fights.

our motto: mess with the best die like the rest.

our warning: theres a storm comming and u best be ready when she hits

our name: vortex

our style: competive but friendly


in the clan our purpous is to make friends, defend our title as a clan and to enjoy a comunity of decated players. our objective is to train hard, play hard and give it your all in amist of the battle. when ur moment comes u best be ready to shine or be ready to step down.


Our focus: to play in all game types excludeing invasion. we play mainly halo reach and minecraft. our clan fetures over 100 ranks and the top ten get a few extra speical privlages. we play ranked matches every weekend and in them u have a good chance u will rank up because u will rank up faster during these ranked matches.


if ur a bad player and u know it we will still accept u among our ranks and u will be looked at a difrent way. u will be trained in a easer and more content enviroment. if ur good then great but getting to cocy will not get u anywhere. if u trash talk then it will be seen as geting cocy and u may find u are ranking up slower then the players that u are better then.


any one can join unless u are aready in a clan. we dont expect u to win we expect u to play and respect our members. swearing isnt tolarated in the clan. we are a friendly enviroment that is for players of all ages. after all age dosnt show skill and skill dosnt reflect your loytly or dependicy. skill is not the most important tool in the box but loyalty and repect will bring u further then destroying what u find to be lesser.


no gamer tag change is needed only ur service tag and ur emblim. ur service tag is also ur rank. and our highest rank is s001 and lowest is s100 which would be recrut. emblim must stay on but ur tag is flexable and can be change if your are not playing with the clan at that moment.


if u want to join we are recruting but for how long is unknown. either reply in this form or msg me on xbox. or pm me on this site. my gamer tag HaloKittyGirl10. so good luck and may your mind set you free.

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