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Halo 2 Anniversary Confirmed?!


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Check out the article I read


I don't know if you guys saw but...

HALO 2 ANNIVERSARY IS CONFIRMED!!! (at least I think so, based on IGN and several other articles)


Being a huge massive giant classic Halo fan/savant, this has been my dream since the Combat Evolved Anniversary in 2011. The team behind CEA (a little part of 343) has supposedly been developing it and is expected to release later this year, while pushing back the next Halo (5?). I'd wager the newly dubbed H2A will sell better than the next Halo, but that is personal speculation. Anyhow, we will see a HD reboot for Bungie's genre-definer much similar to CEA, this time for Xbox One (I would also like to see it for Xbox 360 as well), hopefully with cool little extras to broaden the already expansive lore. The game is rumored to come with beta access to the next Halo (for those interested) among things, but that is not the best extra. Supposedly, H2A will release a version containing ports to Halo 4 and (*drumroll*) my favorite title, Halo 3. I will literally go out and buy an Xbox One for exclusively this bundle if this news is true. And speaking of buying Xbox Ones, Microsoft is planning on releasing a white version X1 and a cheaper version that will apparently lack a disk drive. That sounds kinda ridiculous but nothing in this article is actually confirmed, just leaked and reported on by assumed credible reporters. Anyway, I will be counting down the days to see Halo 2 in refined glory. Long live the Bungie classic!


By the way, all I can think about is an HD rendition of the cutscene after the first mission aboard the Forward Unto Dawn (The Armory, if I remember correctly), when the Master Chief "gives" a Covenant cruiser their bomb back. My heart will stop for sure.

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Please Tell Me they won't screw up what made Halo 2 Great Online, I hope it will be 100% Original, 343i do you hear me DON'T SCREW UP THIS GAME! THIS IS MY FAVORITE GAME!

In a video I watched, I heard the multiplayer will mirror that of the original. If that is true, than I have never anticipated a multiplayer more than this. Hope it's the exact same, none of this custom loadout BS that changed the skill required to succeed in a Halo multiplayer. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is completing it on legendary solo. What a crippling thought. 

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