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Destiny's Competitive Multiplayer Interview

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GameInformer sits down with Bungie Design Lead Lars Bakken and discusses details about Destiny's competitive multiplayer.




A few interesting points of emphasis are the talks of bringing your character that you rank up and customize in single player campaign over to multiplayer matchmaking. Lars commented that Destiny multiplayer matches are "definitely faster" than Halo multiplayer matches and "more lethal".


Health and armor was also discussed which Lars stated..."As armor bleeds down you move to health and the squishy parts of the Guardian physique" and the amount of health will be class specific as well with the Titan having slightly more than other classes.


Bungie is trying a different approach to voice chat by only granting chat with your fireteam but are "doing other things to let you communicate with other players". Destiny will allow up to 6-player teams and if you join a multiplayer match with less than the maximum number, the spots will be auto-filled by a random player without direct chat to them unless you invite them to a platform specific chat.


Destiny is scheduled to be released September 9, 2014 with an early Beta scheduled for Summer 2014.


You can check other interesting videos about Destiny from GameInformer here >>> http://www.gameinformer.com/p/destiny.aspx!!


New information scheduled to be released December 23, 2014.




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Great post! Quite an interesting interview, can't get enough of Destiny info! :D The customization is going to be so deep in this game, it's going to be so much fun!

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I have to say this game looks great and highly entertaining! It will easily be Game Of The Year material and be worth every penny one spends on it, I can't wait till it releases! Good job Bungie! And this is just the Multiplayer!  :D


And also thank you Choot'em for the info, I really appreciate that!  ^_^  

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