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As previously mentioned in the Second Runner Up announcement, we are grateful to the forge community for their hard work and the number of quality submissions for the contest. We had a lot of fun judging, testing and playing the maps and were pressed hard to make the cut and final decisions. It takes a great deal of talent and understanding of forge, and especially Dominion, to create an environment that has so many standards that need to be met to provide the core Dominion game play as well as interesting map design. Both the Second Runner Up and the First Runner Up winners have done this with an interesting back story that provided the overall aesthetic platform for their maps. Typhoon, by DUN3Z, was set around a crashed ship aground on the rocks and this map was just as creative in design.


The First Runner Up is.........




by Xinshu


Sticky Fingers is based off of a collapsed orbital elevator and features a distinct mix of natural rock terrain and man made structures. The map has a 'rib like' section that brings back memories of Burial Mounds from Halo 2 and the overall use of varying height levels and subtle inclines provides players with a wide array of ways to aggress and defend both the bases and different tactical areas of the map. This was found to be useful when using the rocket hog against the Wraith by allowing for quick skirmishes and then a hasty retreat or as a Spartan laying fire on the bases or strong points by advancing just far enough up an incline for line of sight. The bases on Sticky Fingers are more isolated than normal, but each one offers challenging ways for attacking and defending the capture terminals and the surrounding structures.


Overall this map provides solid and interesting game play, challenges the team work needed to win and does so with a unique concept in map design for Dominion. Congratulation to Xinshu for winning First Runner Up!


Download Sticky Fingers


THFE Feature Video



Second Runner Up Announcement

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:0 I am not worthy to this mighty forger repent repent the end is near ! :D


BTW nice work on it

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