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Hey boys and girls. I'm back again to present my brand new 2v2 map, Bloodstone. Yes, I chose an English name this time.
It is asymmetric, built on the sexy Ravine canvas, and has a lot of good, long sightlines. The map also has a lot of skill jumps to help players traverse areas faster.
Bloodstone is inspired by Edifice and Angst. Two of my favorite forge maps in Halo 4.
There are a total of 5 atriums. The middle, Blue, Red, Gold, and Cyan. A sniper rifle spawns in the middle on top of a rock.
The middle rock is a very important part of the map as it connects a lot of the jumps through the middle atrium and blocks the sightlines quite well at the bottom.
The idea behind Bloodstone is to allow players to travel the map faster through jumping which is why this map has so many trick jumps. Some of these jumps are hard to make but can be very beneficial if executed properly.
The weapons in the map are the Sniper Rifle and the Sticky Detonator. The sniper is extremely powerful in the map because of the long sightlines. It has 1 spare clip and respawns every 120 seconds.
It spawns on top of the middle rock.
The sticky detonator, on the other hand, spawns at Gold 2 minutes into the game. I gave it 1 spare clip because it's not as powerful as the sniper in the map but can still be deadly if in the right hands.
Spread the meta


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I came for the bacon Zandril. I was disappointed. 

You're too late. They're gone.


want to test this!

I'll invite you if I catch you online. :)

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