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Alright, so, Halo 4 is getting boring. I haven't been playing for awhile. Not because i dislike it, but because i have no one to play with. I have a mic, i have friends (that don't have Halo), but there are so many aspects i am not able to enjoy because i don't have anyone to play with, ha. So, i'm looking for a clan, preferably a Military Clan. I'm looking for something that is not too entirely strict, but still takes things serious. I want to have fun and not be overwhelmed with things that don't exactly concern things other than whats going on in game. I want team work, and i would like something fairly organised, however not with an entirely massive population. But, even if i can't get this, beggars can't be choosers. I'm kind of willing to play with anyone right now as long as you don't sound like an infant and have a winning mentality. It's okay to joke around and not take things seriously sometimes, but if you're just in it for nothing, then i'm not interested. So, send me a request. Come talk to me, i really need something guys ! (y)

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